Performance Tidbit – Facebook Fan Page Character Development part 1

Here is a bit of friendly advice:

Don’t create a Facebook Fan Page for a Star Wars Character childishly!

What happens is the page starts off being executed inefficiently and represents the character poorly. Poorly created Facebook Fan Pages breeds cyberbullying and stalking.

A Star Wars Character Facebook Fan Page should be professional at all times!

Cases of unprofessional pages are:

  • Excessive use of profanity
  • Unwanted and forced interaction with other character pages
  • Out of character behavior by the main administrator that is annoying

What some performance groups will do is ask the administrator to refrain from unwanted and forced interactions with another page, especially when the other page is created professionally. It is hoped that the performance group will educated a new administrator how to do a character page and ways to improve performances.

Ultimately, the Star Wars franchise is regarded in high esteem.  New administrators need to realize they have the potential to create a dynamic character to write stories. Fan pages that start poorly get worse. It suggests that the administrators are immature. The greatest offenders are girls who use their page to feel popular seeking outside approval. To others, it appears that they are living their real lives through their Star Wars characters.

Pages created in this matter disrupt performances on other fan pages because usually, the administrator does not realize the extensive research and hard work that Lucasfilm, Star Wars creators, writers and authors did to create the character. Moreover, the administrator is disrespectful toward other fan pages that did take the time out to understand the characters they portray on social media.

Thankfully, SWAG 77 has a character development survey to assist in character creation and development. Moreover, Star Wars Performance University is a Facebook Fan Page that shows best practices to portray and perform Star Wars characters on social media.

Star Wars Performance University

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