How To Create Your Best Star Wars Character and Perform or Roleplay on Facebook.

Obe Bo fight-1-1

We just read this great article from Club Jade about:

The (completely unofficial) Star Wars style guide: Terms every fan should know how to use correctly

It got us thinking about how people set up their “Facebook Character Pages” and their backstories. Most people are eager to just be performing or “roleplaying”. It is because of this eagerness, it opens them up to cyberbullying and negative experiences. Most of these people perform with a lot “overpowering” and “godmodding” .

If you do not know what those terms mean, they are not performing and roleplaying. They are messing around and hurting innocent people.


First you need to have a character sheet. This character sheet is a modified form from the Star Wars: The Old Republic game forum.

At minimum you need fill out the top 5 items:

Species/Race:  Is your character human? Or Zabrak? Or some combination that makes sense in the canon? It is a good idea to be as close to the canon, or the Star Wars story arcs, as you possibly can be. Your character will appear as reasonable in the Star Wars Universe. Too many species combinations makes your character appear overpowered and it looks like you cannot perform or roleplay. Moreover, it says something about your roleplaying when you cannot decide your character’s species.

Name: Choose a name based on something that will make you proud and you would be honored to show others. If you name it after yourself, your character appears to be lazy, and that you are pretending you are some hotshot overpowering godmodder in roleplay.

Additionally, stalking pedophiles who appear to be nice online initially will wait to do something crazy like show up on your doorstep, if you reveal your real information… IT IS NOT SMART USING YOUR REAL NAME IN RP!

There are name generators can help you create a name. Creating a good name also assists you in starting your character’s backstory. Why did you name your character that name?

If you do not have a good cause for your character’s name, then it tells you something about your story — you need to work on it. Why? Because RP is ultimately about acting out a story for fun. Storytelling takes a talent and writing. Inherently on social media, particularly Facebook, writing a story is about key elements in creative writing: plot and exposition. You should have learned this in the 8th grade. You can claim whatever floats your fantasy boat online, but you still would look like an overpowered godmodder in roleplay when you name your character after yourself or lack a good story behind your character’s name.

Gender:  Be clear about your chosen gender even if fluid. If you don’t, and you have no justification as to why you do not, then you could be bullied. We think being bullied is WRONG, but there are a lot of simple-minded people on social media. Make sure your RP partners are open to diverse genders and are willing to go with it.

Year of Birth (BBY or ABY): Birthdate is needed due to timeline in Star Wars. If all the RPers are roleplaying in The Old Republic, like Darth Malgus, and you are a part of the Legacy One Sith, Darth Nihl, then you to reconsider your character’s birthdate. Why? It is a “soul-searching” get over it kind of thing – your character being 100,000 years old is lame in RP. If  you chose the “Yoda’s species” or a “Hutt species” or another justifiable long-lived species, you had better have images and pics reflecting your character. Do not appear a “Draco in Leather Pants” kind of character or a Mary Sue. Seriously, no one will RP with you when it is like that.

Age: Same issue as above. It is easier to play a character at an age you have passed because of your life experience. But there are some people who can perform really well as characters older than themselves. It is what you are comfortable with as the age you are. But choose wisely.

Home Planet: CHOOSE A STAR WARS CANON PLANET NOT EARTH! It is called a “Long ago in a galaxy far, far away” that means before the dinosaurs, before there was air on Earth, which means there is no way you can time travel and go back to other planets. You are doing alternate universe that is NOT STAR WARS! Besides being from Earth is not an interesting story. What you are doing is living your real life through your roleplaying character page. People do not want to see YOU as your real named from Earth in a fictional Star Wars universe!

Final Insights: Be about storytelling. Be about roleplay in the verse. Be about acting and performing. Learn how to do these things and you will come out on top where people enjoy your character as well as your performance.

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