The Queen of Mandalore: Sabine Wren – SWAG77 RP Fanfic Plan Nav Coordinates

We have been working on an RP fanfic for Sabine Wren since 2014 that should be inline with the official Star Wars current canon. We are not usurping or purporting our AU canon overrides Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars. As the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG77), we like to play along with the current canon and add a few tidbits as to why they made confident plot choices. We do not get exclusive secret spy information about Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars plot choices. Instead, we gather evidence through literature reviews and production and actors’ comments and then formulate speculative hypotheses to predict courses of action that we think Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars might take.

For SABINE WREN – our central hypothesis is in THE MANDALORIAN, she will obtain the Darksaber through ritual combat and survive again. We have several pieces of data that support this hypothesis, and we discuss this in the SABINE WREN BLOG and FACEBOOK PAGE that we will not discuss in this post.

The question is, why does she need the Darksaber when she gave it away? We actually have ideas that we discuss on our Discord Server.

Our conflict for this story arc is Rara-avis (Rare bird — get it, she’s a WREN) vs. Duty.

The plot is still being worked out and is discussed on Sabine Wren’s Blog, Facebook Page, and Discord Server.

Ideas for different plot points are manifested with the RP account on SABINE WREN’s TWITTER.

We suspect the canon exposition of Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars story for SABINE WREN will be in the TV Show: AHSOKA.

The canon aspects mixed with our story arc will be discussed in Discord and our Ahsoka TV Show Facebook Group by SWAG77. Should anyone read this blog post, please consider joining for a whole discussion. If the debate is good, we will upgrade it to a blog post and implement it in our story if it aligns with our goals. Please tell us you read the information from this blog post when you sign up. Do not invite; we will not approve. You must LIKE the AHSOKA TANO FACEBOOK PAGE, SABINE WREN FACEBOOK PAGE, or the EZRA BRIDGER FACEBOOK PAGE to get an automatic invitation.


We keep this part of the fanfic separate from our shipping preference of THRAWN X SABINE WREN (THRAWN X SABINE WREN). This story’s plot will be revisited over time. We do not ship Ezra with Sabine (ezrabine or sabezra). We do not ship Thrawn except with Sabine. We will not entertain any other ships with those characters until Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars has ruled on this case. We think that only Thrawn can put Sabine on the Mandalorian Throne as the Queen, just like a “King” who gave up his duty as King and decided to become a “Knight” like Sir Lancelot; or like a Knight protects his Queen on a Chiss — err — Chessboard.

Want to be involved in the fun? Contact us:

Basic Social Media Strategy Can Be Used For Roleplay

Even if roleplay is cursory, to start off on the best of your ability, consider creating a social media strategy that works for you optimally. Hypefury has a few suggestions.

There is a key to create SMART goals that can be measured. One idea to consider in the SMART system is if you WANT to do it. If you do not want to do it, then don’t.

What is your target audience. It cannot be broad. It must be honed in and the only way to understand your audience is deciding your research.

While reach and engagement is very important in social media, for roleplay there is a watching factor that inherently occurs with each performance and the more in character you maintain. Out of character discussion, while simpler in concept have to be maintained. Roleplay if staged must be organized for effectiveness. Nevertheless, metrics are important for business related posts, no so much for hobbies. And yes, vanity metrics, such as likes and followers mean nothing overall.

Have engaging content. Posting several different concepts in life is confusing to your followers. Posting consistent content sets your expertise for the social media you want. Then content should be a balance between content text and images. A picture is worth 1000 words. Some pictures are utterly controversial, not because of nudity, but because someone, somewhere, disagrees about the content and they want to make their point known. Links that post images are the most useful. Without that image, the text goes unread. Videos and gifs work better.

Social media calendars are essential for specific campaigns for roleplayers. Discussing overall your expertise is a good thing, but directing dates and times of your posts to optimize the interaction with the audience is what you use your social media metrics for.

The issue with strict RP accounts is there is a time where there lots of interaction, then there is a long lull period. Lost of interaction period is when the new content is released. Use your calendar for estimating the concept of that. Use holidays. Prepare featured product releases. All podcasts and video releases. Think about how you are going to lead your audience and persuade them to your ideas of your expertise. Be prepared for hecklers because there is always a schism. Have a plan for that. The lull periods should be used for all your ideas being written somewhere on a blog, or site, etc. Your audience can be referred to your sites that go in depth. Then you can charge for more exclusive information.

Roleplay to the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG77) means an outline and script written to perform on social media. Portrayal of a character is NOT roleplay to SWAG77. Portrayal is fun to do, but it does lead to wasted social media time. If all someone wants to do is distraction, shoot the breeze, piddle about, meaningless conversation, and/or trying to make friends you have never met, okay. Define what you want. But if you ever seen our roleplays, they are incredible. Lots of people wake up and watch. But it takes a lot of planning and practice.

FANS: HELP! I don’t know what the canon should be!

Once again, Star Wars fans have appears on the Star Wars Actor’s Guild 77 pages after all the “hate bash pages spewing misinformation” has had their fill ruining the fandom.

We said long ago on this blog that none of these “sites” read and study Star Wars like most RPers do — they just failed Star Wars. And powerful entities, influencers and decision-makers LISTENED to these fools, and ostracized us, mass reporting us to silence us.

We will repeat what we’ve said throughout our SWAG77, when you roleplay (RP) online you are responsible for knowing all your story attributes of your character and class. You need to know both canon AND LEGENDS (Star Wars Expanded Universe: SWEU).

Canon because it gives you direction of the kinds of stories Disney wants to tell.

And LEGENDS because they give you the thematic underlying deeper meanings why the Star Wars story works the way it works.

For example, the importance of HEIR TO THE EMPRE — THRAWN TRILOGY shows how THRAWN emotions while there are no emotions and the logic of the Chiss and the Chiss Ascendancy. But if a fan refuses to read it, then understanding why THRAWN NEVER MET SABINE WREN cannot be examined or understood in STAR WARS REBELS.

Sure, random speculations are one idea to do. But why is THRAWN suddenly wearing burgundy and who are these other burgundy wearing Chiss — one might be surprised exactly who — a fan who refuses to read fails to understand the interconnectedness of canon and Legends Star Wars stories.

We are seeing the same for The Mandalorian.

The sequels were created with obstinate to the fans. As such the last movie, TROS, in story confusion. But, that’s what happens when one fails to understand the underlying overall Star Wars story.

If TROS wanted to tell the story filmed in Star Wars context, the Legends story Splinter In The Mind’s Eye, could have been adapted for film. But, well we know what Abrams did or refused to do.

Reading books should always be encouraged.

Potential New Star Wars Actors Guild 77 Script for Twitter

Conflict: Force vs Non-Force

SWAG 77 RPers mainly: Mara Jade, Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla

0. Mara Jade’s secret conference call with the Emperor turns ugly. The Emperor has ordered the orbital bombardment of Lothal. When it will happen is anyone’s guess.

1. Sabine notices Mara’s distress who orders her to shore up the barricades, and does not say why, but says that Lieutenant Bo-Katan was here and told her to do it. Sabine argues with Mara, causing her to pull away.

2. Hera witnesses the behavior and is told “no” by Sabine. They agree to leave Mara alone. Then Sabine tells Hera that the barricades need to be strengthened when Hera intercepts a secret decoded message that a fleet of Star Destroyers have just come out of hyperspace.

3. Shocked they race to get the barricades in place when suddenly, the bombardment starts. It is across the planet. It looks like huge laser knives cutting across the planet like butter. Both Hera and Sabine are stunned. Then shuttles of troops fall from the sky with probedroids and some strange new metal beasts that are 20 feet high — AT-AT walkers, which slice open the city one neighborhood at a time while the stormtroopers kill the people.

Image of AT-AT walkers we will use

Possible image of probedroid

Partially what the lasers will look like from the AT-ATs


Holes left from laser attack

End Result of Orbital Bombardment
End Result of Orbital Bombardment

4. The Rebels do what they can to defend themselves but hide in their bunker where Mara is crying profusely muttering “they did it because of me.” repeatedly. Hera races to her GHOST to see what she can do, while Sabine escorts Mara to the ship dodging blaster fire and lasers. She pushes Mara into the gunner seat while she goes into the other and tells her to fight.

5. Meanwhile, the Inquisitor is gets reports of how successful the campaign is going. He senses Mara’s plight and says some “Darth Vadery” sort of thing… “It is the last of the Rebels. It is end of the Rebellion…” When out of no where, Bo-Katan and her ships fire on the Inquisitor blasting the Star Destroyers into pieces. And she talks major shit to the Inquistor. A Star Destroyer falls out of orbit into Lothalian atmosphere.

6. Everyone runs together and happy reunion.

7. Denouement: Vader steps in a holo and curses out the Inquisitor for failing and chokes him.

Oversharing as an #RP Character

How much is too much?

Review of the blog: When Everything’s Shareable, You’re Never Not Performing from a RP performance perspective

Our blog is about what is going on in RL regular profile, non-RP accounts. Imagine what happens in RP accounts when there is a MUSE vs MUN problem?

If 70% of 18+ are using social media and it affects their real interactions with people, and 60% are unhappy with their interactions on social media, think how it affects our RPs in performances? IF SOMEONE SEES RP LIKE A PERFORMANCE!

Most RPers are trying to develop relationships with one another. Some serious relationship that lead to dating, marriage or otherwise. To some people who is very strange, to others it’s the norm. In reality, from a socio-psychological standpoint, it’s unrealistic of how a relationship truly develop no matter the words of the intimacy. Historically it could be true, but humans need physical interaction and not through a keyboard.

Treating RP like creating a movie, television show or play production, makes it easier to digest the psychological connections people erroneously conceive as real relationships, even if on-screen there was a sexual filming. This is why not anyone is an actor without classes.

RP works the same way.

Roleplaying Help by King of Ravens – modified

This guide is a good one from a roleplayer who performs as “LOKI”.  The person has extensive experience in online RP and understands the verse they are from. Slight modifications have been made and while it was not requested if this content can be used, we are respecting the content and provide trackbacks to the original node.

Everyone should know this information if they call themselves creating a character and roleplaying it.


A simple guide to roleplaying terms to read and follow. Simple RP etiquette. If you violate any of these, chances are there will be no reply



No, really. This is essentially when your character is a perfect, flawless, cannot-be-killed God. If you play a God, you better not even fucking do this because it’s annoying and people will hate you.

This typically arises in fights. A Godmod will dodge every, or nearly every, attack aimed at them and will somehow become Hulk-strong and smash you to pieces without letting you have the chance to dodge or protect yourself.


A few other things that make you a Godmod

  • Killing/maiming/severely injuring/kidnapping another person’s character without their direct permission (and by this I mean you messaged and asked them for permission BEFORE YOU REPLIED. You do not get to reply with your Godmodding bullshit and then ask them if that was okay. NO NO NO NO NO).
  • Powerplaying can sometimes fit under this category, but I like powerplaying all by itself since a lot of people do it and it pisses me the fuck off.


This is huge for me. H U G E. I’m honestly so upset that most you have never even heard of this term because it’s extremely important.

v. The act of controlling someone else’s character along with your own (and without permission).

Essentially “Sue” forces your character do something. YOU, AS THE PLAYER, CONTROL YOUR CHARACTER AND YOUR CHARACTER ALONE. You do not, in any way, shape, or form, get to choose the actions, thoughts, etc that another character does UNLESS HIS OR HER PLAYER GIVES YOU PERMISSION!

This also relates to characters who have an NPC (non-player character) with them. YOU DO NOT GET TO CONTROL THAT NPC UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION.



v. “The act of using outside or previously gained knowledge within a [RP] universe for personal gain or advantage” [x]


A great example of this is: “Sally” is a goddamn stupid muggle (I mean Midgardian) who only knows Loki because he tried to take over Midgard. She’s never read the myths (not that they’re entirely accurate for him), she doesn’t know anything about his life, nothing.

So one fucking day, when Loki is threatening her because she spit on his brand new, shiny shoes, and she goes “Well, at least I’m not adopted like you, you poor miserable soul.”


Do not use OOC (out of character) knowledge IC (in character). DO NOT!  Just because you, as the player, knows Loki is adopted doesn’t mean “Sally” the character does.

To be completely honest, no Midgardian should know he’s fucking adopted, not unless he, Odin, Frigga, or Thor have directly told you that. Don’t get me fucking started on that.

Mary/Gary Sue

n. A character who is flawless and perfect with absolutely nothing wrong with them, with all the perfect traits/qualities, and is so fucking boring that no one wants to RP with them.

Don’t be this fucking person. Dear fucking lord. There are quizzes online to help you decide if your character is a Mary/Gary sue or not, though YOU HONESTLY SHOULDN’T NEED TO TAKE A QUIZ TO KNOW.



To put it bluntly, don’t be friends with Sally.

If you do any of the above to me, I will break something.

If you plagiarize me, I will literally hunt you down and shove a golf club so far up your fucking ass that it’ll rip out of your chest.

That’s all. Have a good day.


Please. Stop necroposting on Character pages on Facebook. It’s really not smart. The administrators cannot respond because you MISSED OUT! There won’t be a rerun. Facebook doesn’t append pages past a certain date. So expecting any page response from an administrator on a post older than 3 months means you are ignorant on how to use Facebook pages. You need to learn how to do that.

The first way is to STOP NECROPOSTING!


What is necroposting:

Any post made 2-3 months ago, often associated with an image and specifically associated with a “fictional character” page – and you the post runs as fast as you can trying to put your 2 cents worth of an opinion that is IRRELEVANT to the post or discussion.


Not all pages are FAN PAGES!

FAN PAGES generally do not PERFORM or ROLEPLAY! They do not ACT IN CHARACTER! They are NOT PORTRAYING the character. Fan pages are because Fans made the page and the company, Lucasfilm, does not know about them.

SWAG 77 pages are PERFORMANCE PAGES which means page ACTS like and responds IN CHARACTER to your questions. Pointing out fan or lore related information is NOT PERFORMANCE. It’s not ROLEPLAY! It is stupid. If we behaved in character to your requests, we’d kill you. You would not know what hit you and you would not know how to respond.

Perhaps a FAN page or LORE page is more suited to your faire and questions. Consider joining those communities first before joining a full performance page.



ep04 (1)-1-1


What a Mary Sue is

In “Roleplay” or RP you will meet one of a Mary Sue, eventually. While mostly dedicated to girls, guys can be “Mary Sues” or “Gary Stus”.

What is a Mary Sue: think of an individual who does not want to tell a story, but be everything to everyone in every story. The lines of demarcation are blurred. They will have all their “objects of desire” fall in love with them, including her villains. Mary Sues can do no wrong, and if she does wrong, it can be easily overlooked.

They have no story and their backstory is so confusing to listen to, it will be like “Mommy and Daddy didn’t give me a pony for Christmas and so I’m mad at them”, but then the character is an orphan.

For guys it’s the “Ultimate Power of the Universe” and it I build my super saiyan powers to maximum with a COD lightsaber pistol with a grew up hard, gangster lifestyle as a Sith Lord, then no one will beat me, ever.

In essence it is a form of GODMODDING!

Example of a Mary Sue character sheet: More than 1 story & it’s the first 1 = mary sue.

It ruins storytelling. Those that delve in it are NOT RPing, hence they are not performing with SWAG 77.

What a character has to have:

A character sheet somewhere. What are their reasons for existing? What is the plot to their story? Exposition? Theme? What is here that I want to see a character.

A believable backstory based on the facts of the genre and a reasonable continuity.  Making up new stuff is a flow of creativity, but not a fairytale that makes it impossible to believe.

Why do people do this? LAZINESS! They don’t care, they just want to plug and play. They have not qualms or quips about being better. All they want on social media is to be distracted from their mundane lives than to build anything positive. They are TROLLS in the RP community and when they are discovered, they resort to cyberbullying the individual who has discovered their insecurities.

These same individuals will cry foul on you, when you delve deeper into their motivations. When you review their feeds, they are of no substance.

They are fantasizing about their “character” really being with your character and they LIVE THEIR LIVES BEING THEIR CHARACTERS. They actually believe they ARE ________________ (insert latest popular movie/book/RL celebrity) — an no, not talking about cosplayers, or page or Twitter managers. If you ask them their true name, they will say their character as their name. They LIVE through their character’s lives and they want to be that. It’s a dissociation identity disorder hiding behind a mask with a mix of narcissism.   It’s like, “I am Napoleon…”

What to do: If all you want to do is be distracted, there are other ways than misleading the public that you are a badass character from your favorite story, then switching your character when their popularity wanes.

You TELL YOUR STORY! If you don’t know how? We offer resources to where you can learn how to do that on our Facebook page.

Write your character sheet and test your character in this litmus test.

OUTLINE the story you wish to tell. Be prepared to receive criticism. Don’t be afraid of that. Because if you are, it means you refuse to grow into something better. And most of the time, people are well-meaning.

Participate in writing activities. Do you blog? Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? If you are a good performer, step up your performance and put in the written word. Show what you’ve got. And remember:

Break a leg!

Basic Rules of Roleplaying – modified from ForceNet’s Jedi Council Forums

Not even the basics of RP are known…



SWAG 77 does not RP. There are reasons for that.


But newbies want to and no one is really educating them on the basics. Sadly, we are re-posting this blog because we are tired of individuals appearing on our pages violating our rules. So here are the basics of RP originally from the ForceNet’s Jedi Council Forums, as modified.

Basic Rules of Roleplaying – modified from ForceNet’s Jedi Council Forums

This is a suggested resource for Basic Rules of Roleplaying (RP) and is a modification of the Force.Net Jedi Council Forum boards. MOST legitimate roleplaying sites follow similarly. There is a difference between “forum based roleplaying” and “roleplaying on very public social media sites”, such as FB due to more social interactions.

SWAG 77 no longer roleplays (RP) as of May, 2012.


Each RP has its own rules according to the group’s desires. But there are four fundamental rules that you will come across in virtually every RP. Understanding what these rules mean will help you become a better RPer and into RP faster.


It is important to know the rules of RP, because if you do not abide by them, RPers do have the right to block or ban you from their pages.


1. Obey the TOS of the Social Media:


The TOS stands for the “Terms Of Service”, and it sets out what you can and cannot do on the Social Media site. Since you do not own it, then you need to read it, comprehend it, and post accordingly, and you will prosper. Swear, flame, bait, or spam a feed or wall – especially when the person does not know you will cause you to be blocked and banned.


Facebook’s Terms of Service clearly states no FAKE OR IMPOSTER PROFILE ACCOUNTS. They will delete an account that has been deemed as fake. How they do it is up for speculation, usually reporting my comments made by others. It is unfair, but if you do not have a legal government document of your name on the account, then it will be deleted or purged. If you make another one, it will be deleted and purged.



2. No Godmodding:


Godmodding is named for the “godmod”. It is often find in a computer game  where you are in a cheat mode and you are invulnerable, have unlimited ammunition, can walk through walls, and etc.


In a RP there are two types of godmodding:

  • Creating and using a character with no weaknesses, or a character with limitless or unbelievable resources or abilities at his disposal
  • Writing your character doing things in the game that your character really has no plausible chance of achieving:


     For example, a ten-year-old padawan character taking on Darth Vader in a lightsaber duel and whipping the Sith Lord’s butt.


    Or saying you survived the explosion of the Death Star 1  because you created a Force Field.


Godmodding, in short, is CHEATING! It is looked down upon severely by all RPers.





This is important because it alerts FB to question and investigate your account.




3. No RIDICULOUS Auto-Hitting also known as being a puppet master:


Normal autohitting is allowable so as long as it is not a mortal wound where death is achieved. Loosing hands and feet is par for the course for Star Wars. Other RPers will not like it done to them, but the technology is advanced enough to have replacement parts.




  •      “Luke swung at Darth Vader, and  hits him cutting off his cybernetic hand”




  •      “Luke Force Severs Darth Vader, and then allows the Force Cancelling Ysalamir allow his Kaiburr Crystal Double-Bladed Sith Blade to chop him up so that he can serve to the Rancor on his Lambda Shuttle like Darth Malgus told him to do.”


The above is RIDICULOUS AUTO-HITTING because you are not giving the person RPing “Darth Vader” a chance to come up with a defense.




That goes without saying you do not kill another person’s character without his or her permission. This is called a “no kill” order. While it is fun to have “rage” and kill everything in site, your RP ought to reflect some semblance of a plot or reason for your presence on a RPer’s wall or in a RP group.




RP etiquette and protocol that deals with how to speak to people and engage them in RP is part of an advanced techniques course at SWPU.


In a more general sense, do not manage other people’s characters in any way, shape, or form. This means that you cannot control them, “character jack” them = doing wild things to them while they are absent, etc. unless they give you EXPLICIT permission.




Conversing with ANY RPers is by the privilege of the RPer. It is called SOCIAL MEDIA for a reason! You become sociable through decent casual conversation, pleasantries and allow the RPer to warm up to you on HIS or HER time!


DO NOT spam their wall with stupid apps, or demand them to play app games, post irrelevant lame one-liners that comes on to them or hits on them. DO NOT perpetuate vicious rumors that you think you may have heard about them. You also do not blowing up his or her chat unless they approach you directly or you are pleasant with them. Messaging them could get you blocked unless they are civil.



Watch and learn is a good rule of thumb.


Since you want to speak to veteran RPers, then YES, you DO have to impress them. The best way is to LEARN about their characters, is to discuss STAR WARS and their character in it!!! The WHOLE RP is about this one fact!!! Speak to RPers in a PUBLIC location, preferably in groups with civility, diplomacy, etiquette and protocol.


Basically, don’t be an asshole on someone’s own page, especially when you want the “job” of RPing with them.


Don’t cut off your nose despite your face…




4. The ADMINISTRATOR(S) word is final:


This is plain old common sense, but it is important to say it anyway. The RPers or administrators who started the page – or ADMINS – have the final say on any issue in the RP.  It does not matter how harsh the decision is; it is their RP – their house, they are your hosts, and you are their guest. A guest does not make a mess in their host’s house.


If a decision is bothering you so much that you do not want to continue RPing, you are always welcomed to take the liberty to leave – or why not consider starting up your own RP group?


CAUTION! These modified rules are a part of the SWAG 77 and the ISCA. It is plagiarism to use them without acknowledgement.




You enter most RPs by posting a “character sheet” (character description – search for templates or wait for the course) . Everyone should be able to READ A CLEAR, CONCISE CHARACTER SHEET!


If you are new to RP, it is BEST for someone to “vouch” for your RP abilities that can be seen: in groups and other Social Media sites as Fan Fictions. Or be “mentored” by someone until you get your sheet completed.


Recommended: The RP should be seen and proven. Doing this avoids superfluous interactions, repeating your backstory or getting cyberbullied.


Some RPers will not friend you unless they can see your character sheet. Trying to figure out your character, cannot be done at the time of RP. It frustrates the others and they will tease you mercilessly if you flip flop between characters. Get at least some basics of your character down and work from there. Moreover, it improves your writing.

Roleplayer Weekly 2009

FROM: Roleplayer Weekly

Volume I, Issue II – Creating a character


Welcome to Roleplayer Weekly!

This journal of sorts is built with the intent of improving the Roleplay Community’s experience at large with tips and tricks for making your roleplay a much more solid, enjoyable experience. What you take with you after reading is entirely up to you, but I hope you learn something new each issue!

In This Issue

A.) General Introduction to characters
B.) Jedi Character
C.) Sith Characters
D.) Mercenary Characters
E.) Soldier Characters
F.) Civilian/Clerical Characters
G.) Droid Characters
H.) Cross-gendering
I.) Miscellaneous Char Tips
K.) Conclusion
L.) About the Author

A. General Introduction to characters

Ah yes, characters. The uttermost core of any good Roleplay, if not any. (Hey, one could argue you could RP with abstract concepts.)

SO, what kind of characters are best in a RP? Well it all depends on the story. In some instances, introducing a Sith into a mercenary RP could outright ruin any chance of sound progression, unless planned carefully.

The main thing to do is to develop MORE than one character, if you don’t intend to shift your character’s role, although most who do that end up with a thoroughly flat character.

In this issue of Roleplayer Weekly, we’ll be discussing how to create several types of popular characters that are often seen around Jedi Academy’s various roleplay universes.

First, we’ll address the character roles most often seen:

B.) Jedi Character

Alright, first off:

Not every Jedi is automatically special, super powerful, and could easily down Palpatine-Sidious with his pinky.

We’ll discuss what’s wrong with the above character after I discuss the typical Jedi personality.

Jedi have gone through some changes between the new and old Orders. I’ll go through both:

Old Order: Old Order Jedi were generally VERY orderly, VERY indoctrinating, and very discriminating. They followed doctrine and practice to the letter. It was like a cult. I mean c’mon, you joined the order as a little little kid. If you were too old, damned if you made it into the Jedi Order. Yes, Anakin was a special case, but that was movie magic, and movie magic loves to appease morons. We, however, generally don’t include kids, just because they’re a pain in the ass. However, kids in the old Jedi order were probably not the Ritalin cases most people play them as today. Much more discipline, serenity, and general necessity of restraint was commonplace. This follows into adulthood. Now granted, this isn’t the exact case, as most biologicals are prone to our primal jealousies, tempers, etc., but they shouldn’t be commonplace. If it does occur, it would most likely be addressed by either a senior ranking member or a more rule-clinging initiate.

So, all this being said, Old Order Jedi are generally NOT spazzes. They’re actually more like monks, in reality, because of the strict discipline and necessity, so here’s some traits that would befit certain ranks, along with ideal HUMAN ages:

  • Youngling: Probably the only characters who might be prone to spazzing about, but they too should be restrained. As they grow older, they’re less inclined to do something stupid.
  • Initiate: Initiates might be a little rebellious, perhaps even a little arrogant now that they’re accepted into Jedi care. However, there are always those that may take the role seriously. Regardless, force use is still limited. (Bebe-7’ish)
  • Padawan: May still have the initiate’s streak, but over time will mature into a more serious Jedi Knight, should everything go fine. No matter what though, don’t expect to be able to topple a Jedi Knight.(9-18’ish)
  • Jedi Knight: Generally very serious, very orderly, but are still prone to irrational outbursts if pressed to a reasonable extreme. (20-40’ish)
  • Jedi Master/Council: Generally very serene, strict, orderly, almost never prone to irrational outbursts. These should be VERY rare and shouldn’t be played full-time unless you have a very large community. (45-70)

So, that’s some general traits Old Order should have. Now, New Order are more relaxed, not necessarily requiring a uniform. They still held to Old Order doctrine, but they did not necessarily refuse to bend it. As such, while the old traits can still shine through, use of slang, swear words, a laid back attitude, and unorthodox methods are not entirely frowned upon. The idea is “be reasonable, keep your balance, and don’t fall too far into the Dark Side.” Our man Kyle Katarn’s implied philosophy. In other words, you’re free to use a LITTLE dark side, but not enough to turn you into a creep.

Also, if you’re one to use an origin story, PLEASE don’t always use the “boohoo I was raised in the slums/orphanage/misc. poor region.”

Don’t be afraid to use middle class, noble class, go nuts with it! People aren’t going to judge you OOC if you say your character was the daughter of a middle class family, or some noble class family.

Now, of course, limitations are always welcome. Unless you are able to possibly back up the fact you’re a child of a diplomat or something of that nature, don’t use it.

Now, overpowered characters, as mentioned above. PLAY your powers as your character befits the mastery. A Jedi Padawan should not be able to use Lvl 3 Force Lightning and knock a Jedi Knight out of a window. Believe me, it’s a lot more emotionally charged when you realize “HOLY crap, I can’t pwn this Sith Lord!” and are forced to either call for help or worse, convert. Speaking of Sith…

C. Sith Character

Good lord, I cannot say how much I loathe THE FORCE UNLEASH for introducing such an overpowered character and handing him into the public’s’ hands. NOT EVERY SITH CHARACTER IS SITH STARKILLER.

Sith are just as fragile as Jedi, if not “more frail” than given their severe and rigorous and sometimes debilitating training. Those who pass the training are stronger for it.

Sith are a very combat-oriented society, using raw power and their primal directives to achieve their goals in life. As such, they prove to be more chaotic, and the personalities of the Sith may vary, and can be affected by their status. I will go over some general traits:

  • Dark Jedi (Disney canon deprecated): Not a Sith, per se, but can become one in time. A Dark Jedi is generally a very chaotic character, having very diverse motives. It’s not uncommon for Dark Jedi to harbor negative feelings towards the Jedi Order, and may even vow revenge against them. Some, however, may simply bide their time and try to become Sith.
  • Sith Apprentice (Disney Rule of Two (?) is Darth Vader. But technically they are Disney Canon Inquisitors now): A Sith Apprentice is generally very ambitious, very power hungry, and are very concerned about pleasing their masters, but NOT always for their approval, but mainly out of necessity, because Sith Lords more often than not will punish, hurt, or even “replace” their apprentices if they prove too meek. Fight to replace your master is the key, because they may more often than not attempt to hold you back.
  • Sith Lord (Disney Canon in the timeline is only Darth Sidious and Darth Vader. It is what we will play to depending where we play): You are at the top of the power ladder, and more often that not, you’re not gonna give it up easily. Sith Lords generally have EARNED their status whether it be by inheritance or killing their former master. As such, treatment of their apprentice varies. Some might be a bit more lenient than others, but generally, it’s not uncommon to see Sith Lords treat their apprentices like crap. Do it just right, and you might live to see you die peacefully…maybe.

D. Mercenary Characters

Guess what?

It’s true. Mandalorians aren’t necessarily the only type of mercenaries. There are many different kinds. Some are your classic dual pistol wielding gunslinger, others like to brandish out enough firepower to raze a large building, and then there are those who take the middle road, carrying what they need and can carry. Mercenaries can be some of the most diverse characters out there. They all have different levels of experience, weaponry, levels of success, motives, behaviors, levels of education, etc.

So, general traits of a mercenary:

  • Generally very negative: Mercenaries generally have seen a lot of killing, blood, guts, and other sick shit. They’re not always going to be very cheery about life in general, unless of course they’re sociopaths, in which case, they might be rather interesting. Good luck trying to pull it off as a novice, though. This all being said, they’re very prone to swearing, using “fixes” (drugs, alcohol, etc.) to relieve stress, and might not exactly have the best social skills.
  • Money-sensitive: Most mercenaries are fighting for cash. Guns and ammo cost money. Therefore, very few are going to outright splurge on superfluous things unless they need that item. After all, food costs too.
  • Down to earth: Experienced mercenaries aren’t generally prone to rushing into a combat situation they normally wouldn’t be prepared for, unless they absolutely have to. Therefore, mercenaries generally come equipped with plenty of ammo and armor, aren’t afraid to grab another weapon they’re not familiar with (but they should have a good guns knowledge if they want the most bang for buck,) and generally aren’t going to sacrifice firepower for finesse. Survival is key. Now of course, some may have enough experience to use more finesse related weapons, but generally, you’d be hard pressed to see someone down a tank with just a pistol.

Those are all I can think of at the moment. Given that guns are limited in JA, you can only do so much. Personality is definitely going to be the key thing if you want your character to be interesting.

E. Soldier Characters

Now…believe me, a lot of people I’ve seen play soldiers are REALLY REALLY REALLY bad at it. Some pull it off, but more often than not, someone screws it up in a big way.

Now granted, this isn’t easy to do unless you’ve either:

  1. Seen a good deal of good plausible military movies, not just CALL OF DUTY
  2. You are a real soldier, preferably spent time in combat, and/or special forces

However, the internetz is very informative business. So here’s some tips on making a plausible soldier:

  1. ORDER, ORDER, ORDER: If you want your character to get anywhere in reality, your character generally has to be very clean, orderly, and very VERY respectful towards authority. Don’t do that, and your char’s prolly gonna be scrubbing out feces-stained toilet bowls with their toothbrush for a LOONG time, or get discharged. That means keeping uniforms on when on-duty, following regulation, carrying weapons that were distributed to you, and not wandering about aimlessly . You has job to do. Does it? Yeah, military doesn’t sound vary tempting now, does it?
  2. Keep a table of common military ranks available: The United States Military and Branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps all have VERY different rankings. For example, there is no such thing as a private in the Air Force, nor are the lowest level of naval officers called privates. You may notice I’m using a lot of private ranking. If you’re in a large server (large format platform roleplay), you need MORE than just privates. Officers are necessary as are higher ranking soldiers, seamen (lawl,), airmen, and private first class. Common sense is definitely a necessity when distributing ranks.
  3. There are STRICT CODES OF CONDUCT designed to operate military cohesiveness. The better the conduct, the easier to operate, implement and enact the strategies and tactics for victory in a battleplan. RPing as military character is NEVER ABOUT WHATEVER YOU FANTASIZE AS YOUR CHARACTER. If you choose to have a legitimate roleplay and want it your audience to believe it vs. just being a fan in a fandom, you follow the codes of conduct according to what your want your character to be. That means you restrain your hardcore pornographic fraternization relationships (shipping) because more than likely, as a member of the military from lowest to highest rank will not break these codes of conduct, even if it is a part of the story arc, script or social media performance design. You do it, most people will hate your RP because it is not RP, and you will get bored with RPing within 3 months.
  4. A number of the mercenary rules can be applied to soldiers, so feel free to mix and match as necessary.

F. Civilian/Clerical Characters

Okay, okay, I know that most people don’t go crazy with civilian characters. I just felt it is Mary Sue/Gary Stu. SO, with that being said, civilians…guess what? YOU ARE ONE. Act like one when playing one. Not every civilian’s going to pull a gun on a Force User…unless they’re an idiot. Civilians have lives to live, and generally get very scared if that life is threatened. That’s it. Not many people play civilians, but I figured I’d add in a section for the hell of it.

G. Droid Characters

Now this is…

Droid characters are generally so horribly played, because we as humans aren’t droids. It takes a very very talented/knowledgeable roleplayer to play a greatly believable mechanical character. Why?

Well, to answer that, droids are computers; now Star Wars has the luxury of having droid characters with personalities, but regardless of that, they are still stuck to what’s programmed in them. Stick to your programming. An assassin droid generally won’t feel sorry for their targets and let them go. NOT EVERY DROID CALLS BIOLOGICAL MEATBAGS EITHER. Oy…so, case in point, the ability/personality of your droid is dependent on your operating system, maintenance, misc. programming, what have you. That being said, don’t expect droids to act like mercenaries.

On another note, droids generally have very technical language and have note of EVERY circuit in their chassis. As such, if your character takes damage, imagine having to describe EXACTLY what’s wrong to your biological counterpart.

Joe: How is everyone?
Bill: My right arm hurts.
Joe: How about you R3?
R3-T4RX: There appears to be a servo-motor malfunction in my right manipulator, along with a slight dysfunction in my optical sensors, sir.

Oh yeah, can’t forget that most droids are programmed with manners! Ooh, how bad’s that when you have to work under a jerk huh?

So, last thing I’m going to address is equipment. I’ve seen this quite often, but it totally has gotta stop:


Keep your droid’s equipment generally open, and all “secret” items, keep it minimal. R2D2 annoyed the living crap out of me because he ALWAYS SEEMED TO HAVE A FUNCTION FOR EVERY SITUATION UNDER THE SUN, and then some. Sometimes, droids can’t solve every problem. An archive droid can’t brandish a minigun. At some point, you just gotta call it quits. Got it? Good.

H. Cross-gendering (Reminder: This article was written in 2009)

Wow, if you thought droids were hard, try plausibly playing the opposite sex! I’ve seen a few people do it, but generally it was under the guise of another race. This probably makes it easier, but believe you me, there’s only one way to really effectively play the opposite sex: STUDY! This is generally aimed at the men in the audience, as most aren’t very good at playing females, due to rather obvious reasons. I’ve seen some females do some pretty decent male interpretations, but believe me, they can always improve. Study up carefully, and you might be able to pull it off.

I. Miscellaneous Char Tips

  • Add quirks and flaws to your character: If your character is somehow perfect, then there’s something wrong with your character. Wow, what a paradox…either way, something like a booze addiction, a bad leg, a disorganized demeanor, a short temper, a lazy eye, a disease. Anything that says: “hey, my character isn’t a god incarnate,” is always a start.
  • If you slip up typing dialog, if you think it’s possible, write it off as (thanks to Laam’inui of RPG Universe for bringing the label to my attention,) a Freudian slip.

For example:

Joe: Damn, I could go for a glass of brany.
Bill: Wha?
Joe: Pfh, Brany..BRANDY. *facepalm*

Just because you can see dialog and names doesn’t mean your characters know them. Keep your character ignorant whenever necessary. It generates dialog anyway. More on dialog in a later issue.

  • Whilst you don’t have to be a guru, some Star Wars lore will do you some good. If reading novels and comics isn’t your thing, then I’d suggest taking a look at and Wookieepedia after the books.
  • Whilst all the info there isn’t indisputable, there’s enough to help you through certain situations, as some Star Wars information may be commonplace in that RP server. However, don’t be afraid to resort to the above ignorance rule.
  • Whilst there are unique cases in the world, you’re better off playing a more typical character versus something unique, as if you try unique, you end up further away from sounding like a plausible and entertaining character. Whilst everyone’s view of a character is different, I’ll be trying to keep as general as possible.
  • Expect your character to be hated. This is a vague bit of advice but it’s true: sometimes people hate other peoples characters, sometimes In Character (IC), sometimes Out of Character (OOC.) If there’s more OOC than IC, then it might be because your character is poorly designed. If it’s IC hate, then you’re on the right track.
  • Keep your character’s knowledge reasonably limited: Too often have I seen characters pulling out magically drawn knowledge out of nowhere and applying it to a situation they’ll never use just to bail out their character.

    If your character doesn’t have know-how on a certain topic and you want them to totally know it, have them learn it.

    For example, my character literally only knew Galactic Basic, but his apprentice apparently is lacking in full comprehension of Basic, since his native language is quite different.

    SO, what happens?

    I bone him up on that language, and at the moment, he currently is learning how to speak it properly, although mistakes are made of course. Oh, yeah, speaking of which:
  • FEEL FREE TO MAKE IC MISTAKES: Good lord, so many people are afraid of making their character look stupid, when they should realize that mistakes are completely natural. Now of course, if you’re playing a droid, you have to be extra careful not to make a lot of mistakes (good luck), but otherwise, feel free to have your character trip, stutter, drop stuff, miss a catch, accidentally injure themselves, the works. It happens, so make it happen whenever possible.



K. Conclusion

Well then, that’s about all we got for today. Tune in next week when I’ll be discussing how to play your character in detail. For your question to be answered on “HEY AVERUS!” please send your question to and include the name you’d prefer to be known as when posting it. Thanks for reading and JOYOUS ADVENTURES TO ALL OF YOU

L. About the Author

Averus Retruthan is a veteran 8-year Roleplayer (from 2009) who has used multiple mediums for Roleplay, including JA, Neverwinter Nights, Text Role-play, Forum Roleplay, and Starcraft, and continues to expand his experience wherever possible. Averus credits JA and NWN being the key elements that helped him develop his skills to where they are today. He currently resides in the newly founded {LoF} RP clan, a small but talented group of RPers, and works with map makers of RPG maps to help improve and bring dynamics to their maps within his post at