Potential New Star Wars Actors Guild 77 Script for Twitter

Conflict: Force vs Non-Force

SWAG 77 RPers mainly: Mara Jade, Sabine Wren and Hera Syndulla

0. Mara Jade’s secret conference call with the Emperor turns ugly. The Emperor has ordered the orbital bombardment of Lothal. When it will happen is anyone’s guess.

1. Sabine notices Mara’s distress who orders her to shore up the barricades, and does not say why, but says that Lieutenant Bo-Katan was here and told her to do it. Sabine argues with Mara, causing her to pull away.

2. Hera witnesses the behavior and is told “no” by Sabine. They agree to leave Mara alone. Then Sabine tells Hera that the barricades need to be strengthened when Hera intercepts a secret decoded message that a fleet of Star Destroyers have just come out of hyperspace.

3. Shocked they race to get the barricades in place when suddenly, the bombardment starts. It is across the planet. It looks like huge laser knives cutting across the planet like butter. Both Hera and Sabine are stunned. Then shuttles of troops fall from the sky with probedroids and some strange new metal beasts that are 20 feet high — AT-AT walkers, which slice open the city one neighborhood at a time while the stormtroopers kill the people.

Image of AT-AT walkers we will use
Possible image of probedroid
Partially what the lasers will look like from the AT-ATs


Holes left from laser attack
End Result of Orbital Bombardment
End Result of Orbital Bombardment

4. The Rebels do what they can to defend themselves but hide in their bunker where Mara is crying profusely muttering “they did it because of me.” repeatedly. Hera races to her GHOST to see what she can do, while Sabine escorts Mara to the ship dodging blaster fire and lasers. She pushes Mara into the gunner seat while she goes into the other and tells her to fight.

5. Meanwhile, the Inquisitor is gets reports of how successful the campaign is going. He senses Mara’s plight and says some “Darth Vadery” sort of thing… “It is the last of the Rebels. It is end of the Rebellion…” When out of no where, Bo-Katan and her ships fire on the Inquisitor blasting the Star Destroyers into pieces. And she talks major shit to the Inquistor. A Star Destroyer falls out of orbit into Lothalian atmosphere.

6. Everyone runs together and happy reunion.

7. Denouement: Vader steps in a holo and curses out the Inquisitor for failing and chokes him.

Oversharing as an #RP Character

How much is too much?

Review of the blog: When Everything’s Shareable, You’re Never Not Performing from a RP performance perspective

Our blog is about what is going on in RL regular profile, non-RP accounts. Imagine what happens in RP accounts when there is a MUSE vs MUN problem?

If 70% of 18+ are using social media and it affects their real interactions with people, and 60% are unhappy with their interactions on social media, think how it affects our RPs in performances? IF SOMEONE SEES RP LIKE A PERFORMANCE!

Most RPers are trying to develop relationships with one another. Some serious relationship that lead to dating, marriage or otherwise. To some people who is very strange, to others it’s the norm. In reality, from a socio-psychological standpoint, it’s unrealistic of how a relationship truly develop no matter the words of the intimacy. Historically it could be true, but humans need physical interaction and not through a keyboard.

Treating RP like creating a movie, television show or play production, makes it easier to digest the psychological connections people erroneously conceive as real relationships, even if on-screen there was a sexual filming. This is why not anyone is an actor without classes.

RP works the same way.


Please. Stop necroposting on Character pages on Facebook. It’s really not smart. The administrators cannot respond because you MISSED OUT! There won’t be a rerun. Facebook doesn’t append pages past a certain date. So expecting any page response from an administrator on a post older than 3 months means you are ignorant on how to use Facebook pages. You need to learn how to do that.

The first way is to STOP NECROPOSTING!


What is necroposting:

Any post made 2-3 months ago, often associated with an image and specifically associated with a “fictional character” page – and you the post runs as fast as you can trying to put your 2 cents worth of an opinion that is IRRELEVANT to the post or discussion.


Not all pages are FAN PAGES!

FAN PAGES generally do not PERFORM or ROLEPLAY! They do not ACT IN CHARACTER! They are NOT PORTRAYING the character. Fan pages are because Fans made the page and the company, Lucasfilm, does not know about them.

SWAG 77 pages are PERFORMANCE PAGES which means page ACTS like and responds IN CHARACTER to your questions. Pointing out fan or lore related information is NOT PERFORMANCE. It’s not ROLEPLAY! It is stupid. If we behaved in character to your requests, we’d kill you. You would not know what hit you and you would not know how to respond.

Perhaps a FAN page or LORE page is more suited to your faire and questions. Consider joining those communities first before joining a full performance page.



ep04 (1)-1-1


What a Mary Sue is

In “Roleplay” or RP you will meet one of a Mary Sue, eventually. While mostly dedicated to girls, guys can be “Mary Sues” or “Gary Stus”.

What is a Mary Sue: think of an individual who does not want to tell a story, but be everything to everyone in every story. The lines of demarcation are blurred. They will have all their “objects of desire” fall in love with them, including her villains. Mary Sues can do no wrong, and if she does wrong, it can be easily overlooked.

They have no story and their backstory is so confusing to listen to, it will be like “Mommy and Daddy didn’t give me a pony for Christmas and so I’m mad at them”, but then the character is an orphan.

For guys it’s the “Ultimate Power of the Universe” and it I build my super saiyan powers to maximum with a COD lightsaber pistol with a grew up hard, gangster lifestyle as a Sith Lord, then no one will beat me, ever.

In essence it is a form of GODMODDING!

Example of a Mary Sue character sheet: More than 1 story & it’s the first 1 = mary sue.

It ruins storytelling. Those that delve in it are NOT RPing, hence they are not performing with SWAG 77.

What a character has to have:

A character sheet somewhere. What are their reasons for existing? What is the plot to their story? Exposition? Theme? What is here that I want to see a character.

A believable backstory based on the facts of the genre and a reasonable continuity.  Making up new stuff is a flow of creativity, but not a fairytale that makes it impossible to believe.

Why do people do this? LAZINESS! They don’t care, they just want to plug and play. They have not qualms or quips about being better. All they want on social media is to be distracted from their mundane lives than to build anything positive. They are TROLLS in the RP community and when they are discovered, they resort to cyberbullying the individual who has discovered their insecurities.

These same individuals will cry foul on you, when you delve deeper into their motivations. When you review their feeds, they are of no substance.

They are fantasizing about their “character” really being with your character and they LIVE THEIR LIVES BEING THEIR CHARACTERS. They actually believe they ARE ________________ (insert latest popular movie/book/RL celebrity) — an no, not talking about cosplayers, or page or Twitter managers. If you ask them their true name, they will say their character as their name. They LIVE through their character’s lives and they want to be that. It’s a dissociation identity disorder hiding behind a mask with a mix of narcissism.   It’s like, “I am Napoleon…”

What to do: If all you want to do is be distracted, there are other ways than misleading the public that you are a badass character from your favorite story, then switching your character when their popularity wanes.

You TELL YOUR STORY! If you don’t know how? We offer resources to where you can learn how to do that on our Facebook page.

Write your character sheet and test your character in this litmus test.

OUTLINE the story you wish to tell. Be prepared to receive criticism. Don’t be afraid of that. Because if you are, it means you refuse to grow into something better. And most of the time, people are well-meaning.

Participate in writing activities. Do you blog? Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? If you are a good performer, step up your performance and put in the written word. Show what you’ve got. And remember:

Break a leg!

The Warped World of the Unmedicated Star Wars Fan Online

Definition of Canon

SWAG 77 follows the canon, continuity and timeline of Star Wars as outlined by the Holocron Keeper, Leland Chee and his team. Lucasfilm hired him to specifically conform all the stories to align to what is said in “G-canon” – “George-Canon” which are the movies.  According to Star Wars Infinities, the Star Wars canon follows as outlined:

What is Star Wars Canon

Canon is what is licensed, approved and paid for by Lucasfilm and supports the vision of George Lucas, or the leaders of Lucasfilm. which is Disney and Kathleen Kennedy.

In a story, canonicity shifts to tell a great story. Just like politics, medicine, morals and ideas shift, so do stories. Old theories change with new data. To evolve, we have to change. It is about survival. If the story of Star Wars is to survive, the canon will change. Getting too wrapped up in story absolutes limits everyone’s potential.

Ironically, all the content creators at Lucasfilm understand this fact. However, fans are a different breed. Fans that have been involved with Star Wars Fandom and know few of the Star Wars celebrities, are okay with new content creation.

It is the casual or the new fans, that don’t cosplay, have not read a novel or seen the latest TV show – they just have not had the full Star Wars fan experience that lacks the open-mindedness to change. And with every organization that has a hierarchy, a sociological design, there will always be fans that if you mess with their equilibrium, there will become some explosive diatribes on social media. From “George Lucas raped my childhood” to “Disney is going to destroy Star Wars”.

Those of us who perform on social media (or roleplay) and like to write fan-fiction in Star Wars get the brunt end of those vocal few that are closed-minded. We suffer the litanies of the big-bad-corporation dominating over “THEIR” Star Wars! And it is weird to us because what we do is take all the information we can get from Lucasfilm and incorporate it into a presentable story for Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

At SWAG 77, EVERYDAY, we read a lot of material from EVERY source to understand the characters we portray. We talk to cosplayers, actors and if we can, the writers and directors, who can guide our understanding of the thoughts and ideas behind a story so we can effectively bring characters to life on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. There are several ways we do this process.

Sadly, our work gets diminished by rabid fans in their “warped world being unmedicated”.  Sometimes it gets downright ugly. We get called real-life names, such as racial and gender-preference epithets on our canon character pages. We are trolled. We are attacked sexually – called e-raping by some fans. Our real-life gets outed and mocked, and we are not protected by the content creators of Lucasfilm or Disney.

All for portraying a movie/TV character on Facebook and Twitter.

No story is worth that much by telling it social media, and we do it out sheer love, no remuneration or perks all for Star Wars.

Star Wars Performance University is a project under SWAG77

Star Wars Performance University started as “Star Wars Roleplaying University” in 2011 to assist new performers in improvisation techniques and writing. There were several courses organized. Due to circumstances, beyond our control, SWRPU had to change.

By December, 2011,  the “Star Wars Actors Guild 77” or SWAG77 separated from the Isle Sanctuary Creative Artists (ISCA) to be dedicated solely to fans of Star Wars.

All pages associated with Star Wars that were under ISCA were moved to SWAG77 for one unifying page dedicated to the promotion of Star Wars fandom on social media. To unleash one’s inner fandom online and promote real life fan related activities.

One page was SWRPU. However, to be fair to other groups, it was decided to allow SWRPU should be an autonomous entity. Its sole goal was to help performers write creatively, set up their social media and market their efforts in a professional manner. The goal for SWRPU was to show Lucasfilm a novel form of entertainment and performance of their products on social media.

However, in the business of social media entertainment and performance, things rarely go as planned and business expectations could not be predicted. The owner of SWAG77 and SWRPU was cyberattacked, late 2011 and partially resolved until early 2012.

SWAG77 retooled and shifted its policies to a traditional form of social media and introduced several products to the market. The shift changed the goal and name of the SWRPU to “Star Wars Performance University”.

In May, 2012 SWAG77 was accepted to have a fan table at Star Wars Celebration 6 in Orlando, Florida on August, 2012.

All activities of SWAG77 must comply with Lucasfilm standards and one of them is removing the word “Roleplaying” from the activities on social media.

SWAG77 also has to agree to perform canon characters only and stay within the continuity of the canon.

SWAG77 are like “Costumed Players” or “Cosplayers”, but we are online. Everything we use to perform is from Lucasfilm licensed and published materials.

As such, SWAG77 and Star Wars Performance University (SWPU) must follow the guidelines of the social media platform, such as Facebook and only use pages to represent their fictional characters. SWAG77 will no longer use profiles to perform. Anyone using a profile to perform will only be seen as a member of the audience or a heckler.

All characters or entities will be performing “in character”. RARELY will the person behind the character release personal information from the page.

“Roleplayers” who lack a page and a character sheet will be seen as a member of the audience and any responses by the Page Character, if there are any responses will be made in character.  If there are altercations, the person will be banned from the page.

“Roleplayers” who have inappropriate names for said characters, usually aligning with a lack of a character sheet, will be seen as a member of audience and any responses by the Page Character, if there are any responses, will be made in character. If there are altercations, the person will be banned from the page.

Be realistic, it took many hours of hard work to make this project happen and to catch Lucasfilm’s eye. When someone refuses to follow our rules belligerently in both SWAG77, SWPU and ISCA cannot be tolerated.  What we are talking about here is just posting and interacting on our pages… Not “roleplaying” or setting up a story arc for performance. Simply to post and interact.

If these guidelines are ignored, then membership into SWAG77 is compromised. These are courtesies so that posters avoid being banned from our pages.

These are about respecting the process of character development and the work that has been done.

If  the SWAG77 organization is for you, we would love to have you come on board through our membership intake process.

If you prefer another group, we wish you much success in your goals!

Take care!


Star Wars Performance University Tidbits: DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Performance tidbit: If you choose to Perform Improv on FB, BE CREATIVE! In order to be creative, you have study MORE than Wookieepedia – even they said it’s a jumping off point.

You got to get to the Star Wars Books. You need to read Star Wars Insider Magazine. And learn how to write! You are lame if you don’t do it.

Added:Vordis Korrupto StarkillerWookieepedia is a guide, nothing more. A quick and easy research tool, or a search engine to find good books to read based on your interests. It should not be the sole basis of any performer’s knowledge

Visit us more on Star Wars Performance University on FB

Who is Star Wars Performance University?


Star Wars Performance UniversityThere are many reasons to “perform improv” or “roleplay” or RP or pretend you are a character in your favorite movie, television show, videogame, novel or comicbook.

Star Wars Performance University is here to help fans who wish to perform improv and develop their creativity as social media entertainment.

A character can be part of the Star Wars canon or characters that are made up–non canon, but first and foremost we are FANS OF STAR WARS!

What is Performing Improvisation on Social Media?

Our Talking Points

This blog focuses on this particular of the Star Wars “Universe” or “Verse” and provides synopses and narration for upcoming performances with an understanding new concepts into the stories we tell, based on scientific facts.

History of Performing On Social Media

Performing Improv in the Star Wars Expanded Universe (SWEU) is not new. Since 1977, people have created many stories–also known as Fan Fictions. More excitingly, the advent of Social Media has shared these stories with millions of people.

For those new to performing, this link provides the best explanation that is from the top Star Wars related video game design companies.

Star Wars Performance University’s mission is:

To be the resource for Star Wars Performers for social media.entertainment

This group does the following, but not limited to:

  • Storytellers
  • Writers
  • Readers
  • Background researchers
  • Promotional Campaign Organizers
  • Advertisers
  • Graphic artists
  • Social Media account managers
  • Customer Relations Managers
  • Professional Liaison Managers
  • Event Planners
  • Online Event Managers
  • Socialites

This list is incomplete…

WIIFM: What’s In It For Me?

THIS IS MANDO!At Star Wars Performance University, a performer of any age or profession can develop their skills with the guidance from various professionals, who range from professional writers to research scientists. These skills help a performer to share their ideas about Star Wars on Social Media.

Some of topics a performer can learn are:

  • Basic storyline and arc construction and tropes
  • General writing techniques: grammar, spelling and conciseness
  • Character development: Protagonist, antagonist, hero, villain, accessory character
  • Writing combat maneuvers in Star Wars

If you think this is something you might be interested in doing, take our courses at Star Wars Performance University on Facebook!

#RP Performance Terminology and Common Abbreviations

RP Performance Terminology and Common Abbreviations – modified from ForceNet Jedi Council Forums

This list will be updated frequently

Star Wars Performance University (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook) is where we talk about how to perform, to develop techniques, to write, to form plots, to develop story arcs, and actual performances, etc. The University is a trans-platform social media program. Anything that has to do with Star Wars and Improvised Performances will be posted on our sites.


Basic Social Media Terms for Oldbies

RL – Real Life

IRL – In Real Life

FB – Facebook

TT – Twitter less frequently used on FB or Twitter

Blr – Tumblr and used very infrequently

SW – Star Wars




  • TPM – Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
  • AOTC – Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
  • ROTS – Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
  • ANH – Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
  • ESB – Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back
  • ROTJ – Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
  • TFA – Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
  • R1 – Star Wars: Rogue One Anthology
  • TLJ – Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi
  • Solo – Solo, A Star Wars Story
  • TROS – Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker


  • TCW – Star Wars The Clone Wars
  • SWR – Star Wars Rebels
  • Resistance – Star Wars Resistance
  • The Mandalorian – Star Wars The Mandalorian

RARELY discuss Ewoks or Droids, but… There are some of us geeks out there



  • TFU I and II – Star Wars The Force Unleashed I and II
    • USE – Ultimate Sith Edition
    • DLC – Downloadable Content
  • BF – Battlefront 1, 2, and 3
  • KOTOR I and II – Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
  • SWTOR – Star Wars The Old Republic
  • Battlefront I and II
  • FJ – Star Wars Fallen Jedi

A more exhaustive list of all the games is on Wookieepedia


Novels in the current lexicon being used:

  • TCW – The Clone Wars
  • Aftermath
  • Bloodlines
  • Rogue One Catalyst
  • dTTT- Disney’s The Thrawn Trilogy
  • dTA – Disney’s Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising

 Many more books now: support us http://bit.ly/SWStuffWAG77

Legends novels in the current lexicon that were used:

  • TFUI or II – The Force Unleashed
  • NJO – New Jedi Order
  • FOTJ – Fate of the Jedi
  • LOTJ – Legacy of the Jedi

PLEASE be respectful on the novels, artwork and pictures, because there are quite a few RL LFL approved Star Wars Authors, Artists, Filmmakers and Actors following various performers on FB and Twitter!

Do not be disrespectful to them and use profanity. That is just plain dumb! It’s almost like your job interview, they do a search on you.



ABY – After the Battle of Yavin in ANH. The standard zero-year; all dates in the SW universe are usually given in years relative to the Battle of Yavin. Also refers to the ABYverse, a group of games set in roughly 130ABY.

BBY – Before the Battle of Yavin in ANH. The standard zero-year; all dates in the SW universe are usually given in years relative to the Battle of Yavin.

(Disney a different timeline system that is confusing to most fans. Most fans use the above designations.)



At  SWAG 77 – the Star Wars Actors Guild 77, we prefer the term PERFORMER, because we follow canon, continuity and timeline Star Wars, closely. We take our cues from StarWars.com site and other sites for background of our performance characters, which are 99% canon character. All characters follow a storyline within their story arcs. We do this by a research scientific method. Moreover, Lucasfilm told us to follow canon, continuity and timeline, and we follow their rules, voluntarily.

We refrain the label as “roleplayers” (RPers) because it marginalizes us on social media.  We feel that PERFORMER is an accurate term for our workload. Another name for performer is MUN or mundane – the person who types and interacts with other accounts.

CS – Character Sheet. The character sheet is a form that you fill out before playing in the performance; it lists basic categories about your character: name, age, species, gender. Most managers will require a character sheet to start. We require it for canon characters because it will be the performer’s opinion of how to perform the character – also called the MUSE.

IC – In Character. It shows where you are writing the actual story of the character.

OOC – Out Of Character. Can be used as:

  • OOC
  • ooc
  • /
  • //
  • ((…))
  • {{…}}
  • [[…]]

OOC is used as a representation of the MUN, as opposed to the muse, that needs to remark quickly on the feed. Typically done before your post.

Information posted on your OWN personal profile wall is out of character. SWAG77 refrains from self-inserts in our RP performances. We created characters.

In general, OOC should be used sparingly on social media even though fans do not read or care that your character is a roleplay performance character. How to manage the discrepancy is what SWAG77 rehearses.


Mainly for Facebook, but can be used for Twitter:

  • Refrain from performing on a Facebook (personal Twitter) profile or creating a new fake profile because Facebook is notorious to deleting secondary accounts without any notice. (Not so much for Twitter, but they might be changing). All work as an RPer will be erased. 
  • Perform on a Facebook Page or a set aside account on Twitter.
  • Also, Facebook Statements of Rights and Responsibilities clearly states no fake profile accounts. Twitter’s TOS is ratcheting up that issue, too. It is a matter of how many text phone numbers you have.

Seriously, if you perform on your RL account, the performance interspersed to real life activities appear bizarre even in groups. What are you roleplaying for? If it for fun to self-insert and live out a fantasy? Or is it to perform like you are in a play that has meaningful entertainment for all those who watch – what SWAG77 does? Show fans your social media skills and pretend to be the character as portrayed. Because when you perform on your RL account, your brain is incapable to psychologically separate from what is real vs fake on social media. If your brain thinks it is real, then to you, it is real, even though it is not. It can make you mentally ill.

You can always ask if someone is IC or OOC.

Avoid posting anything on a performance account related to RL events or political positions, no matter how much you want. Reason is you will invariably get responses some may not like. Better to STAY IN CHARACTER and practice that than to make a lot of individuals, some of these individuals are emotionally unstable angry with your RL positions in life.

Careful what you post because you are responsible for the information. And there are no First Amendment Free Speech protections on Social Media — you have the right to say what you want, but if you defame someone, the other person can sue you. Moreover, employers always look at your social media. REALITY: You are what you post. The Internet Is Written In INK–NOT PENCIL! Your boss may ACTUALLY BE watching – which is ANOTHER reason why you do not perform with your RL account!


*saying your favorite emotion or action* – wrapping your phrases with the use of the

  • *…*
  • -…-
  • ~…~
  • {…}
  • […]

Are arbitrary “emotions” or “actions” you do on Social Media sites:

e.g.: *She yawns* I think I am tired…

It can be written into prose like this:

e.g. She yawns, “I think I am tired.”



Chat should be used for organizing the performance and discussing deep ideas for clarification. NOT for doing performances. 1) If you cannot perform in public, then you probably should not be doing it in private; 2) Performing in chat blurs the lines of RL vs Performance Life (PL) – people really connect to others by chat. Some people cannot separate the two and it is psychologically unhealthy. And 3) Chat is during performance helps you focus on the performance rather than being blind to the story arc.

IM – instant messaging

DM – direct message — more prevalent on Twitter

PM – private message — on older forms of Social Media

Services for chat is: DM on Twitter, and Facebook Messenger. SWAG77 isn’t at Discord Servers, yet. Have not had time. But, eventually.



COMMUNICATIONS: HUGE DISCUSSION AND CAN CHANGE!!! Most are stated as an emotion or action during performance.


-com(m) – communications

-holo – have a Hologram communication

-holocom- – same as a hologram

comlink – Sometimes said, most times referring to Com

-villip – The organic equivalent of a communication device used ONLY by the Yuuzhan Vong

More to be added…