Speculative Predictions of #SabineWren in #StarWarsRebels

Sabine Wren in Star Wars Rebels Season 3 will have an exquisite role as she has a new toy in her arsenal against the Empire.

A jetpack. One she has wanted since last season, 2.

Her biggest challenge will be to her “Mandalorian-ness”. Long time fans of hers know she’s a unique type of Fem-Mando who fights for what she is right in the galaxy, and paints art to reflect her form of protest against the Empire. She also is considered “dar’manda” by most Mandalorians because she is a part of Death Watch, a former separated team from the rest of Mandalorians.

In the trailer, we see Fenn Rau tell her he is proud that she remembers his Mandalorian origins and that she has gained his respect.

It appears that Sabine is becoming more of a warrior in of herself. And she is becoming a leader.

But rumor has it that her reasons for obtaining the Darksaber (Pre Vizsla’s laser sword, then Darth Maul’s sword) is one of many reasons she left the Imperial Academy on Mandalore.


She has no family to speak of or what we know of her. It is our group, the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 to NOT believe that Bo-Katan is the mother of Sabine Wren because Sabine is “Desi” or Southeast Indian heritage and Bo-Katan is biracial or monoracial. It would be unfair to the bulk of diverse fans to whitewash Sabine Wren who is an awesome character and has a lot to offer girls of color.

We do think her mother worked with Bo-Katan as a Nite Owl and is with her during the last days of Mandalore. Her mother met another man and they had Sabine Wren together. Then her mother was killed in battle.

Here is our fan-fiction outlining that: Star Wars: Truth and Trudge – Vernissage

We also think that Sabine will be placed in a confounding situation where she will have to chose between that which is the Rebels and that which is her duty to the Empire.

All because of Grand Admiral Thrawn


We wrote a fan-fiction on Thrawn’s interaction with Sabine Wren after the Imperials took over Mandalore. He taught her art, color and music theory. Sabine was his protege. Unfortunately, he was reassigned to the Outer Rim because he was an Alien Imperial Officer. He told her to graduate from the Academy and look for him when she was to be assigned to his fleet.  That never happened. She left the Academy.

Star Wars: Vernissage – The Mandalorian Accords II

At some point she went underground and hid until she encountered Kanan Jarrus, Hera Syndulla, Chopper, and Zeb Orrelios. She became Spectre 5 among the Ghost Crew and she was a weapons expert.

Sabine Wren will be one to watch this season with these two images when she learns Thrawn is searching for her:

What will she do?

#StarWarsRebels: The Force Has Facets Like Crystals

The Force has facets to it like the crystals of a lightsaber. Imperfect, blemished, clarity, cut, karat, etc. The two most familiar facets are the Light Side of the Force and the dark side. The Force is all the same one piece, that binds us and holds us together in the galaxy, according to the old Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Master adage.

In Star Wars Rebels season 3, those facets of a crystal will shatter and the shards will scatter like sand on a beach, since most crystals are smaller components to rock and sand.

The Star Wars Show on Youtube shows a clip of Star Wars Rebels season 3 at ~3:30 minutes. It shows what it is like before the crystal breaks through the Force.

Crystals used in the Force are responsive to the Force, and emotion of the user. The crystal and the Force user connect and share some type of bond, though imperfect. How does a rock bond to a human being? A sentient being? Life?

The basis of most life is the firmament or the soil that requires key components and nutrients to grow all other life. With a diurnal variation, oxygen and water, life will grow in a season. Seasons can vary from long to short, but the point them is to have a time to exist and then there is change. The only reliable thing about life that everyone can count on is that it changes, then it dies, which is a change.

During the time of Star Wars Rebels, they are finding what their eutectic point is as young people. Things must die so that new life can be born and evolution takes place. People can think that is not fair, and game the system and many characters do in Star Wars, but the Force is an act of nature and is fickle about its domination. It shifts like the eddies of a tiny brook to a tumultuous wave.

The key is, let the Force flow…

FYI: All this is being said because Ezra’s lightsaber (visit him on Facebook)  is green and where did he get the crystal? It looks like Kanan’s but it doesn’t seem like it is from him.


To understand more about the esoteric Force, read this Star Wars Legends book.

Get yours: http://amzn.to/25Leubs

#HanSolo and #SanaStarros-Solo have child together.


Sana Starros believes she is married to Han Solo in a marriage they put together to meet a crime lord. Everyone knew it was a sham, but Sana did not.


For whatever reason Sana thought she was with Han, she stayed true to him and his adopted cause, the Rebellion, though she knew it could cost her life. She was committed to Han, but Han did not love her. He just wanted some punnanny and that is what he got until he was frozen in Carbonite.


Sana was also bisexual. How she regarded her lovers were fluid. Yet, she married Han as a mission.


Their crazy fit together and perhaps, the Carbonite freeze gave Han perspective. Then he told Leia he loved her on Endor. Finally the war with the Empire was “over” and settling debts throughout the years had to happen.

Sometime in 7 ABY, Han visited Sana and told her he was going to marry Leia. Sana cried and tried to change his mind. It was a one last time. But that one last time resulted in a child, a girl in our headcanon, that has her father’s eyes.

Within that same timeframe, he married Leia and they had a son, Ben.

Ben has a half-sister who is part Black. It may be some of the reason why Ben was angry with Han Solo. Enough to kill him? Unknown. But it seems that Kylo Ren (Ben) is very angry at Han because he kept bad company in his opinion. It is a judgement of Kylo Ren and he has no right, but children tend to hate their parents when the folly.

This girl is named “Fay Solo” and in an upcoming fan fiction, she interacts with Kylo Ren. Stay tuned.

Take Me Between the Covers. I Want to Learn the Literary Ways of the Force

Read it.

Diary of a Sith Chick

“The Blackguard clings to the principle that acquiring knowledge is superior to exerting physical power.” —Book of Sith

Book of Sith has been my companion by the pool, this summer…uh, I mean as part of my training as a squire in the house of Ren…and this Blackguard principle resonates with the academic in me. The structure of the book thrills me because not only am I privy to the asynchronous dialogue of Vader, Sidious and Luke with and about followers of the Sith, but prose that doesn’t follow conventional structure arouses my intellect (I am not in love, yet, that will take more reflection), and it tempts me to be more than a voyeur, as their notes and my own annotations penetrate the Sith teachings, enhancing my reading experience. The knowledge is reshaping and enriching the Star Wars stories that I know, and I want more.  star wars library

However, I must…

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The Thrawn Accords – #Thrawn In #StarWars


Star Wars Rebels: The Vernissage: The Thrawn Accords on Mandalore II (8186 words) by SWAG_77
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Only Captain Thrawn is able to invade and conquer Mandalore to Imperial rule. But he had to serve at a regent for Mandalore before a Moff was selected. What he discovered during his rule, is they Mandalorians, were more creative and inventive that what was let on by the rest of the galaxy. He took one Mandalorian child under his tutelage and taught her art and its interpretation, something forbidden by the Mandalorians and the Chiss, which he was.


Truth and Trudge: The Thrawn Accords on Mandalore #StarWars fanfic


Truth and Trudge: The Thrawn Accords for Mandalore I (6420 words) by SWAG_77
Chapters: 3/?

Fandom: Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) – All Media Types, Star Wars – All Media Types, Star Wars: Rebels

Only Captain Thrawn is able to invade and conquer Mandalore to Imperial rule. But he had to serve at a regent for Mandalore before a Moff was selected. What he discovered during his rule, is they Mandalorians, were more creative and inventive that what was let on by the rest of the galaxy. He took one Mandalorian child under his tutelage and taught her art and its interpretation, something forbidden by the Mandalorians and the Chiss, which he was.

Read the following part: https://swrpu.wordpress.com/2016/06/16/mandothrawnaccords2/

All questions can be answered here: bit.ly/SWR77


Chosen One Technology – #StarWars Meta


A last ditch effort to rebuild the Jedi Order, Luke Skywalker attempts the impossible lessons he learns from a secretly sent holocron to recreate Hego Damask’s experiments of Pregnancies through the Force. He failed. In some ways, he tried the In Vitro Fertilization with heterologous cloning. That failed. Several Imperial scientists that turned to the Rebels before being brought up on war crimes said it cannot be done. That the Force won’t allow biological manipulation like that. Luke Skywalker did not believe it. But with the help of a few of his new trainees, he was able to product one successful living fetus to parturition, and then, he had to give this child up at age 4.

Basically, Luke messed up. Recreating the Jedi Order with more Force sensitive users cannot be rushed. There are no short cuts to become a Jedi. Becoming a Jedi is a natural process, some are born into it, some have talent, like a ray of sunshine. The Jedi Order had its time and now, it must become something new. The Force knows when.

#StarWars: Chosen One Technology

01e85bcf282d35a6b35514f7f3ed886f6c826d7cc5>>>>READ HERE: HEADCANON FANFIC META: Jedi Eugenics In #StarWars: The Force Awakens<<<<<




Especially Darth Plagueis. — yes, a LEGENDS canon book.



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Natural Organic Force Detection: Force Reflex



There is a natural way to detect a Force user by another Force  user. Kylo Ren pressed a Force Reflex Nub in Rey’s brain where consciousness resides and it triggered her ability to defend herself. It was an involuntary defense mechanism maintained by EVERY Force-sensitive being and they push back violently against an intruder.

This protection mechanism that is in every Force sensitive suggests that users CHOOSE to join the dark side.

The original images in more detail:

From: Jedi vs Sith: Essential Guide to the Force

The Problem With ObiTine Secret Love Child Theory In #StarWars


1. How is Satine going to have any child near Luke and Leia’s age when she died a year before Order 66 in 20 BBY? In canon, ever since canon was canon, the consensus has always been Luke and Leia come first when writing Star Wars consideration. That has never changed. No child birthed in Star Wars is older and better than “Luke Skywalker”. Just how it it. A True Star Wars fan KNOWS this fact.

2. How does Satine hide a baby from the entire horde of Mandalorians, especially Death Watch, which her sister Bo-Katan is an officer to a point she would never fathom a baby from a Jedi? Can we say obliviousness? Come on, they had spies that kept tabs on Sundari, Mandalore for many years. Mandalorians keep tabs. Moveover Mandos can’t keep their mouths shut on rumors. Satine is the ruler of Mandalore who had sex with a Jedi, then got pregnant and hid that child from the Jedi, the Mandalorians, the Separatists, the Sith and many others interested in Mandalore. Then tada! This child is revealed from out of no Star Wars Legends books, a fully formed character, as the  mother of Rey.

Um, this isn’t “As The Galaxy Turns”.

There’s dubiousness that goes on with the Mandalorians. Obi-Wan Kenobi is a Jedi Knight and a Jedi Master. He would NEVER leave a woman he impregnated and NOT marry her unless Satine wanted it, but Satine is a pretty Princess. Delicate. She NEEDS a man and that man was Obi-Wan. She either knows that Obi-Wan would not lie, hide, and he allegedly would have to leave the Jedi Order to marry her before impregnating her before Order 66 in 19 BBY.

But that did not happen. It does not work. Why? Obi-Wan is a KNIGHT and he acts honorably. He also has commitment phobia and after Order 66 he doesn’t trust anyone. Read John Jackson Miller’s Kenobi or listen to our podcast with Miller and James Arnold Taylor.

Then in the original trilogy, it took everything as an old man Kenobi to garner the strength to be that Jedi Knight again in ANH. In fact he died. So him having a biological child beyond his duty to Luke seems highly unlikely unless the mother can handle being a single parent and independent. Satine can’t do that. Look how easily she was killed by Maul…

3. Powerful Force users can pick up on other Force sensitives by their acts. Palpatine has all the Jedi Holocrons of Force Sensitives in the galaxy. That’s what the Inquisitors are using to track children. An astute Jedi Master would know how to hide the children, usually in Light Sided Force Nexuses like Alderaan. Vader wasn’t going back to Tatooine for the fear of waking Anakin up – Star Wars ANH novelization.

4. It’s all good to write metas, but they should be based on written material of how Star Wars works and not solely by Wookieepedia that are run by misogynists. Fact. Search the Twi’lek boobie article debacle. Otherwise, it is godmodding fantasizing whack crackships. Fairytale flounce. Casual fan foolishness. And welp, that’s why you have problems elsewhere, like on the JCF.

5. If you buy all that fairy tales on fleek crap about Rey’s parentage, then ok. Here’s her parents… I’d buy that story more than ObiTine as grandparents.