The Queen of Mandalore: Sabine Wren – SWAG77 RP Fanfic Plan Nav Coordinates

We have been working on an RP fanfic for Sabine Wren since 2014 that should be inline with the official Star Wars current canon. We are not usurping or purporting our AU canon overrides Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars. As the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG77), we like to play along with the current canon and add a few tidbits as to why they made confident plot choices. We do not get exclusive secret spy information about Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars plot choices. Instead, we gather evidence through literature reviews and production and actors’ comments and then formulate speculative hypotheses to predict courses of action that we think Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars might take.

For SABINE WREN – our central hypothesis is in THE MANDALORIAN, she will obtain the Darksaber through ritual combat and survive again. We have several pieces of data that support this hypothesis, and we discuss this in the SABINE WREN BLOG and FACEBOOK PAGE that we will not discuss in this post.

The question is, why does she need the Darksaber when she gave it away? We actually have ideas that we discuss on our Discord Server.

Our conflict for this story arc is Rara-avis (Rare bird — get it, she’s a WREN) vs. Duty.

The plot is still being worked out and is discussed on Sabine Wren’s Blog, Facebook Page, and Discord Server.

Ideas for different plot points are manifested with the RP account on SABINE WREN’s TWITTER.

We suspect the canon exposition of Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars story for SABINE WREN will be in the TV Show: AHSOKA.

The canon aspects mixed with our story arc will be discussed in Discord and our Ahsoka TV Show Facebook Group by SWAG77. Should anyone read this blog post, please consider joining for a whole discussion. If the debate is good, we will upgrade it to a blog post and implement it in our story if it aligns with our goals. Please tell us you read the information from this blog post when you sign up. Do not invite; we will not approve. You must LIKE the AHSOKA TANO FACEBOOK PAGE, SABINE WREN FACEBOOK PAGE, or the EZRA BRIDGER FACEBOOK PAGE to get an automatic invitation.


We keep this part of the fanfic separate from our shipping preference of THRAWN X SABINE WREN (THRAWN X SABINE WREN). This story’s plot will be revisited over time. We do not ship Ezra with Sabine (ezrabine or sabezra). We do not ship Thrawn except with Sabine. We will not entertain any other ships with those characters until Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars has ruled on this case. We think that only Thrawn can put Sabine on the Mandalorian Throne as the Queen, just like a “King” who gave up his duty as King and decided to become a “Knight” like Sir Lancelot; or like a Knight protects his Queen on a Chiss — err — Chessboard.

Want to be involved in the fun? Contact us:

Basic Social Media Strategy Can Be Used For Roleplay

Even if roleplay is cursory, to start off on the best of your ability, consider creating a social media strategy that works for you optimally. Hypefury has a few suggestions.

There is a key to create SMART goals that can be measured. One idea to consider in the SMART system is if you WANT to do it. If you do not want to do it, then don’t.

What is your target audience. It cannot be broad. It must be honed in and the only way to understand your audience is deciding your research.

While reach and engagement is very important in social media, for roleplay there is a watching factor that inherently occurs with each performance and the more in character you maintain. Out of character discussion, while simpler in concept have to be maintained. Roleplay if staged must be organized for effectiveness. Nevertheless, metrics are important for business related posts, no so much for hobbies. And yes, vanity metrics, such as likes and followers mean nothing overall.

Have engaging content. Posting several different concepts in life is confusing to your followers. Posting consistent content sets your expertise for the social media you want. Then content should be a balance between content text and images. A picture is worth 1000 words. Some pictures are utterly controversial, not because of nudity, but because someone, somewhere, disagrees about the content and they want to make their point known. Links that post images are the most useful. Without that image, the text goes unread. Videos and gifs work better.

Social media calendars are essential for specific campaigns for roleplayers. Discussing overall your expertise is a good thing, but directing dates and times of your posts to optimize the interaction with the audience is what you use your social media metrics for.

The issue with strict RP accounts is there is a time where there lots of interaction, then there is a long lull period. Lost of interaction period is when the new content is released. Use your calendar for estimating the concept of that. Use holidays. Prepare featured product releases. All podcasts and video releases. Think about how you are going to lead your audience and persuade them to your ideas of your expertise. Be prepared for hecklers because there is always a schism. Have a plan for that. The lull periods should be used for all your ideas being written somewhere on a blog, or site, etc. Your audience can be referred to your sites that go in depth. Then you can charge for more exclusive information.

Roleplay to the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG77) means an outline and script written to perform on social media. Portrayal of a character is NOT roleplay to SWAG77. Portrayal is fun to do, but it does lead to wasted social media time. If all someone wants to do is distraction, shoot the breeze, piddle about, meaningless conversation, and/or trying to make friends you have never met, okay. Define what you want. But if you ever seen our roleplays, they are incredible. Lots of people wake up and watch. But it takes a lot of planning and practice.

FANS: HELP! I don’t know what the canon should be!

Once again, Star Wars fans have appears on the Star Wars Actor’s Guild 77 pages after all the “hate bash pages spewing misinformation” has had their fill ruining the fandom.

We said long ago on this blog that none of these “sites” read and study Star Wars like most RPers do — they just failed Star Wars. And powerful entities, influencers and decision-makers LISTENED to these fools, and ostracized us, mass reporting us to silence us.

We will repeat what we’ve said throughout our SWAG77, when you roleplay (RP) online you are responsible for knowing all your story attributes of your character and class. You need to know both canon AND LEGENDS (Star Wars Expanded Universe: SWEU).

Canon because it gives you direction of the kinds of stories Disney wants to tell.

And LEGENDS because they give you the thematic underlying deeper meanings why the Star Wars story works the way it works.

For example, the importance of HEIR TO THE EMPRE — THRAWN TRILOGY shows how THRAWN emotions while there are no emotions and the logic of the Chiss and the Chiss Ascendancy. But if a fan refuses to read it, then understanding why THRAWN NEVER MET SABINE WREN cannot be examined or understood in STAR WARS REBELS.

Sure, random speculations are one idea to do. But why is THRAWN suddenly wearing burgundy and who are these other burgundy wearing Chiss — one might be surprised exactly who — a fan who refuses to read fails to understand the interconnectedness of canon and Legends Star Wars stories.

We are seeing the same for The Mandalorian.

The sequels were created with obstinate to the fans. As such the last movie, TROS, in story confusion. But, that’s what happens when one fails to understand the underlying overall Star Wars story.

If TROS wanted to tell the story filmed in Star Wars context, the Legends story Splinter In The Mind’s Eye, could have been adapted for film. But, well we know what Abrams did or refused to do.

Reading books should always be encouraged.

Mortis and the Time Bandits

In the 1982 movie, Time Bandits, there is a “Map of Creation” that anyone who has the map can move through time and interact with the people, take items of interest and store it. The villain, “Evil” wants to take the map and end time.

The link between Star Wars, Mortis Trilogy and Time Bandits is now “time movement” is the Force, and the Mortis deities created it. The Map is not physical but experiential — by experiencing the Force and what it has to offer from the past, present and future, a Force user can move through time, to interact with people, take items of interest and store them. The villain is the “Dark Side” but more about “wasting time” than ending it.


In Time Bandits, a former Beatle sang a song Dream Away:

Get yours here:

As for the movie:

To watch the Mortis Trilogy from season 3 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars:

To watch Star Wars Rebels Season 4:

#StarWarsRebels: The Force Has Facets Like Crystals

The Force has facets to it like the crystals of a lightsaber. Imperfect, blemished, clarity, cut, karat, etc. The two most familiar facets are the Light Side of the Force and the dark side. The Force is all the same one piece, that binds us and holds us together in the galaxy, according to the old Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Master adage.

In Star Wars Rebels season 3, those facets of a crystal will shatter and the shards will scatter like sand on a beach, since most crystals are smaller components to rock and sand.

The Star Wars Show on Youtube shows a clip of Star Wars Rebels season 3 at ~3:30 minutes. It shows what it is like before the crystal breaks through the Force.

Crystals used in the Force are responsive to the Force, and emotion of the user. The crystal and the Force user connect and share some type of bond, though imperfect. How does a rock bond to a human being? A sentient being? Life?

The basis of most life is the firmament or the soil that requires key components and nutrients to grow all other life. With a diurnal variation, oxygen and water, life will grow in a season. Seasons can vary from long to short, but the point them is to have a time to exist and then there is change. The only reliable thing about life that everyone can count on is that it changes, then it dies, which is a change.

During the time of Star Wars Rebels, they are finding what their eutectic point is as young people. Things must die so that new life can be born and evolution takes place. People can think that is not fair, and game the system and many characters do in Star Wars, but the Force is an act of nature and is fickle about its domination. It shifts like the eddies of a tiny brook to a tumultuous wave.

The key is, let the Force flow…

FYI: All this is being said because Ezra’s lightsaber (visit him on Facebook)  is green and where did he get the crystal? It looks like Kanan’s but it doesn’t seem like it is from him.


To understand more about the esoteric Force, read this Star Wars Legends book.

Get yours:

Chosen One Technology – #StarWars Meta


A last ditch effort to rebuild the Jedi Order, Luke Skywalker attempts the impossible lessons he learns from a secretly sent holocron to recreate Hego Damask’s experiments of Pregnancies through the Force. He failed. In some ways, he tried the In Vitro Fertilization with heterologous cloning. That failed. Several Imperial scientists that turned to the Rebels before being brought up on war crimes said it cannot be done. That the Force won’t allow biological manipulation like that. Luke Skywalker did not believe it. But with the help of a few of his new trainees, he was able to product one successful living fetus to parturition, and then, he had to give this child up at age 4.

Basically, Luke messed up. Recreating the Jedi Order with more Force sensitive users cannot be rushed. There are no short cuts to become a Jedi. Becoming a Jedi is a natural process, some are born into it, some have talent, like a ray of sunshine. The Jedi Order had its time and now, it must become something new. The Force knows when.

Natural Organic Force Detection: Force Reflex



There is a natural way to detect a Force user by another Force  user. Kylo Ren pressed a Force Reflex Nub in Rey’s brain where consciousness resides and it triggered her ability to defend herself. It was an involuntary defense mechanism maintained by EVERY Force-sensitive being and they push back violently against an intruder.

This protection mechanism that is in every Force sensitive suggests that users CHOOSE to join the dark side.

The original images in more detail:

From: Jedi vs Sith: Essential Guide to the Force

The Problem With ObiTine Secret Love Child Theory In #StarWars


1. How is Satine going to have any child near Luke and Leia’s age when she died a year before Order 66 in 20 BBY? In canon, ever since canon was canon, the consensus has always been Luke and Leia come first when writing Star Wars consideration. That has never changed. No child birthed in Star Wars is older and better than “Luke Skywalker”. Just how it it. A True Star Wars fan KNOWS this fact.

2. How does Satine hide a baby from the entire horde of Mandalorians, especially Death Watch, which her sister Bo-Katan is an officer to a point she would never fathom a baby from a Jedi? Can we say obliviousness? Come on, they had spies that kept tabs on Sundari, Mandalore for many years. Mandalorians keep tabs. Moveover Mandos can’t keep their mouths shut on rumors. Satine is the ruler of Mandalore who had sex with a Jedi, then got pregnant and hid that child from the Jedi, the Mandalorians, the Separatists, the Sith and many others interested in Mandalore. Then tada! This child is revealed from out of no Star Wars Legends books, a fully formed character, as the  mother of Rey.

Um, this isn’t “As The Galaxy Turns”.

There’s dubiousness that goes on with the Mandalorians. Obi-Wan Kenobi is a Jedi Knight and a Jedi Master. He would NEVER leave a woman he impregnated and NOT marry her unless Satine wanted it, but Satine is a pretty Princess. Delicate. She NEEDS a man and that man was Obi-Wan. She either knows that Obi-Wan would not lie, hide, and he allegedly would have to leave the Jedi Order to marry her before impregnating her before Order 66 in 19 BBY.

But that did not happen. It does not work. Why? Obi-Wan is a KNIGHT and he acts honorably. He also has commitment phobia and after Order 66 he doesn’t trust anyone. Read John Jackson Miller’s Kenobi or listen to our podcast with Miller and James Arnold Taylor.

Then in the original trilogy, it took everything as an old man Kenobi to garner the strength to be that Jedi Knight again in ANH. In fact he died. So him having a biological child beyond his duty to Luke seems highly unlikely unless the mother can handle being a single parent and independent. Satine can’t do that. Look how easily she was killed by Maul…

3. Powerful Force users can pick up on other Force sensitives by their acts. Palpatine has all the Jedi Holocrons of Force Sensitives in the galaxy. That’s what the Inquisitors are using to track children. An astute Jedi Master would know how to hide the children, usually in Light Sided Force Nexuses like Alderaan. Vader wasn’t going back to Tatooine for the fear of waking Anakin up – Star Wars ANH novelization.

4. It’s all good to write metas, but they should be based on written material of how Star Wars works and not solely by Wookieepedia that are run by misogynists. Fact. Search the Twi’lek boobie article debacle. Otherwise, it is godmodding fantasizing whack crackships. Fairytale flounce. Casual fan foolishness. And welp, that’s why you have problems elsewhere, like on the JCF.

5. If you buy all that fairy tales on fleek crap about Rey’s parentage, then ok. Here’s her parents… I’d buy that story more than ObiTine as grandparents.



THRAWN in #StarWarsRebels!


Potential New Story Arc Rationale To Get Thrawn In Star Wars Rebels.

Grand Admiral Thrawn is one of the most prolific villains in Star Wars Legends and he should be re-canonized into the new movies and televisions shows. Created by Timothy Zahn in the “Heir to the Empire” novel trilogy, THRAWN has appeared in several novels and comics, but not in the movies and television shows.

In the Get Thrawn In Star Wars Rebels campaign, we must prove to the Disney Lucasfilm about the stories that can be told about Grand Admiral Thrawn in the timeline of Star Wars Rebels. We have to show that this character’s story arcs are consistent with the Star Wars Rebels theme for the show. We the fans, must set this up for them beyond letter-writing and demands. We have to have fun with is process. “This is where the fun begins.”

Our concept for new stories needs to show the rationale for the presence of a male Chiss species in the Empire.

What are Chiss? Chiss are humanoid species from the “Unknown Regions” of the galaxy – the part of the galaxy that was not been fully mapped. Chiss are a spacefaring race with low-level hyperdrive technology – their ships do not hyperdrives like the Star Destroyers, but their ships are handle better in aerial battle. Their colonized area of space called the Chiss Ascendancy.

Highly unique aspects of the Chiss are:

  • May be a human-offshoot species that its early progenitors were lost in a hibernation space-travel experiment thousands of years ago. After millennia, these “humans” adapted to their planetary environment and appear as Chiss, the blue skin and red eyes with red sclera.
  • Their genetic divergence helps them work in sparse food and predatory environments.
  • This ability makes them extremely intelligent with strategic and tactical abilities. Their military logic and strategy are unparalleled.
  • Their abilities are without the use of the Force. While some Chiss were Force Sensitive, their culture had no need for Force using organizations like the Jedi or the Sith, because it was purposeless in their cultural dynamic. If the members had it, they rarely used the ability, because they rarely acted on their emotion like humans who tend to be emotionally unstable (Darth Plagueis, pp 200).
  • Chiss are probably taught at an early age overcome emotional disabilities from a cultural perspective. That skill had a deleterious effect that causes situations not handled to gurgle into madness, which is seems to have happened to Grand Admiral Thrawn or as the Chiss would call him: Mitth’raw’nuruodo. He is aggressive and combative in the protection the Chiss Ascendency. The Aristocra, or ruling families, would not permit his actions to go unpunished despite any attack that may have occurred. He was placed on the outskirts of the Chiss space with his Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet to learn any threats to Chiss space. For a long time, there were no battles, until the slavers called Vagaari were racing away from a completely unknown species with huge biological ships (which was later learned to be the Yuuzhan Vong, which did pose as a huge threat on the galaxy). But, by the time his team investigated, he met members of the Republic in 27 BBY and his fleet was able to beat, Trade Federation Droid ships with strategy in aerial battles. (Outbound Flight, pp 266).

Story Arc Rationale

Before Order 66, the Jedi were negotiators and keepers of the peace. They used the Light Side of the Force to keep various species from war and negotiate whatever would bring beings together. However, the Jedi were seen more as a nuisance and had become selective in what they negotiated. The Battle at Naboo was seen by many outsiders as the Jedi infiltrating and forcing their point of view. One theory as to why some people hated the Jedi is because of that selectivity that harms the other group that may be protecting themselves (Ars Technica, 2010). Jedi are supposed to be apolitical and not intervene in territorial disputes, but many people saw them as an imposing force. While most of those individuals were often criminals, it does not mean that forces that could match the Jedi’s, like the Sith would not use that cover story as their basis to sway the body politic.

When the Jedi were slaughtered after Order 66 and Operation Knightfall was active with Darth Vader at the helm, the newly created Empire and its Imperial Military were of the last vestiges of the Republic. Emperor Palpatine (Darth Sidious), and Darth Vader as Sith Lords were not going to let years of hard work be defeated by an incompetent military. (The Rise of Lord Vader, 2011)

Several tactics were used to make the citizens of the Empire that Palpatine, Darth Vader and to some extent,  Governor Tarkin had their best interest:

Protection was one of them. Several planets left from the Clone Wars had been devastated, the Empire would bring in their resources, and take away all that they needed, then leave the planets desolate. Groups of beings had to decide how to move forward. (A New Dawn, 2015 and Servants of the Empire, 2015).

Another one was propaganda to find all “evil” Jedi, that they said betrayed the Republic and the Jedi Hunters brought them to trial, and of course executed. (The Force Unleashed 1 and Star Wars Rebels Season 1). That was when sparks of Rebellion started from groups of beings that knew that it was untrue about the Jedi. The Empire had to battle non-Force users who believed in the Jedi and doubted the Empire.

The Empire used fear to bring any citizens into submission as seen in Star Wars Rebels, Call to Action Episode 11 where Grand Moff Tarkin destroyed a perfectly usable communications tower to break the morale of these “Rebels”. Then in the “Siege on Lothal” Episode 1 Season 2, where Darth Vader ordered the burning of “Tarkintown” to unleash the emotions of the Rebels. Fear is used against the Jedi because the Jedi feel all that pain and hurt through the Force, and they cannot stop the emotional scars it causes them unless they turn to the dark side. And while dark side users feel these same scars, they tend to relish in the pain like masochists and the sadist havoc they wreck on the galaxy. They will continue this psychopathy they are stopped. Most of the time, it takes more than one Jedi alone to stop such a destructive force.

Then the Imperials use a more insidious idea that breaks people’s spirits called, “High Human Culture” or Star Wars Bigotry and Racism. It is well known throughout the Star Wars Legends literature that the Imperials only liked humans. Aliens were disgusting to them. Near-humans and humanoids were acceptable to a point, but for high ranks they were not admitted, except to the Inquisitors – but one must have the Force in order to be a member of the Inquisitors (why aliens were always thought to have Force powers is a different question). Most beings in the galaxy did not have the Force, therefore, they were under the constraints of Imperial discrimination. This idea of bigotry and hatred, called speciesism, seems to have a profound effect on morale. Emperor Palpatine knew it well, and had to assuage these powers, because Sith, could also be viewed as alien.

What would Emperor Palpatine’s plan be to attenuate that much bigotry manifested in human Imperials?

The Get Thrawn In Star Wars Rebels campaign story arc design is to address the speciesism maintained by the human components as Imperials. In short, Emperor Palpatine acquiesces to the last vestiges of the Alien beings that were once part of the Republic that demanded representation. In a “token affirmative action” manner, he advances a Chiss, THRAWN to a high-level position in Imperial rank. Meanwhile Darth Vader is committing genocide on several planets, like Kashyyyk on the Wookiees (Rise of Darth Vader, 2011 and The Force Unleashed 1). Emperor Palpatine can still have his favorite son, Darth Vader, rule the galaxy, but, Palpatine must show the diversity of aliens who question the competence of these sector Moffs led by Governor Tarkin who were overwhelmingly human (Tarkin, 2015).

Moreover, Palpatine has to appease the Mandalorians, because the only way to defeat the Mandalorians is wholesale destruction of all their planets. While most Mandalorians are human, some are aliens and the the ones who are human may have tiny amounts of “Taung DNA” that renders them resistant to the powers of Force manipulation. This incident is much like other alien species, like the Yinchorri. Apparently, this resistance was evolutionarily conserved and developed as a biological protection against Force users (Darth Plagueis, pp 250). For whatever reason, during the Rise of the Empire era, the Sith do not mount a huge overrun of Mandalorians, much it was in the Old Republic wars with Darth Revan and the actions on Malachor V thousands of years earlier (KOTOR and SWTOR).

But having a non-Force user (Force blind) individual that is very smart, a strategist and cunning, would enhance the goals of Emperor Palpatine. Moreover to leave an heir to the daily operations of the Empire. Someone had to rein in Grand Moff Tarkin sudden jump in expenses for some random large weapons project with cost overruns from blowing zetamillions of credits. To have any opposing force to discover the built without a single test, would be devestating. Someone who is realistic and pragmatic that can look at intricate designs like a piece of art and tell Palpatine the truth of this design…called…the Death Star (read our example).

Who other than THRAWN to do that? He can outwit and outmaneuver the Rebels who attempt to destroy Emperor Palpatine’s grand plan for the galaxy. He is the only one with experience with the extra-galactic threat where the individuals are absent in the Force, called the Yuuzhan Vong.

Of course, the Star Wars Legends material will be eliminated or retroactively continued (retconned), but still, we have the justification we need as to why THRAWN should be in Rebels.

The question now is how?

We need assistance on that front. If interested, please join the planning group. It will be active until the new movie, Star Wars The Force Awakens airs.


#GetThrawnIn  #StarWarsRebels

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Heir to the Empire

Hey…#StarWars Fans, Ignore Us #RPers, We’ll Go Away – SAID NO ONE EVER!

Some Fans cosplay. Some Fans podcast. And some fans post. But the fans that roleplay on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and G+) are different – their fandom is more intense..

They might cosplay. They might podcast. And they probably post a lot. But if they roleplay, they have discussed and shared their ideas in a post in a character’s voice and the few images that might be available.

To roleplay Star Wars online requires a lot of reading. Reading regularly. Reading references and news articles, and then some more reading. Some roleplayers (RPers) don’t do that, and it reflects on their roleplay (RP). But the good ones are ALWAYS READING STAR WARS ALL THE TIME!

Why RP is not a job is beyond me. RP preparation consumes the bulk of my time. I have to keep up with the latest novels and reference books.

There are many reasons why people RP. However, the most important reason to RP in the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 is fun in storytelling. If RP is just a hobby to mess around and make friends during free time, then why be so elaborate and create fan art, music, fan fictions, dances, youtubes, padlets, etc. for it? RP is too labor-intense as a hobby. Sure, people can just be lazy and mess around in a RP every now and then. But the amount of time it takes to manage a good RP, says that calling it a hobby is offensive. RP is true fandom, just like cosplaying is. And with the advances in social media and interaction with favorite celebrities and character, RP could become a highlight for non-RPing fans.

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 has conveyed these facts repeatedly to Lucasfilm. They understand the power of roleplay on social media. Some of their workers may think it silly, until they see the SWAG 77 RPers and they know we will honor the integrity of their products and follow their planned organization.

Our formal RPs are fun to watch because we are grounded in reading, writing, and performance. Our delivery is accurate, strong and authentic.

These are the tenets of Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG77) Roleplay Performances.

Reading = Writing = Performance

Accurate = Strong = Authentic