Take Me Between the Covers. I Want to Learn the Literary Ways of the Force

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Diary of a Sith Chick

“The Blackguard clings to the principle that acquiring knowledge is superior to exerting physical power.” —Book of Sith

Book of Sith has been my companion by the pool, this summer…uh, I mean as part of my training as a squire in the house of Ren…and this Blackguard principle resonates with the academic in me. The structure of the book thrills me because not only am I privy to the asynchronous dialogue of Vader, Sidious and Luke with and about followers of the Sith, but prose that doesn’t follow conventional structure arouses my intellect (I am not in love, yet, that will take more reflection), and it tempts me to be more than a voyeur, as their notes and my own annotations penetrate the Sith teachings, enhancing my reading experience. The knowledge is reshaping and enriching the Star Wars stories that I know, and I want more.  star wars library

However, I must…

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