#HanSolo and #SanaStarros-Solo have child together.


Sana Starros believes she is married to Han Solo in a marriage they put together to meet a crime lord. Everyone knew it was a sham, but Sana did not.


For whatever reason Sana thought she was with Han, she stayed true to him and his adopted cause, the Rebellion, though she knew it could cost her life. She was committed to Han, but Han did not love her. He just wanted some punnanny and that is what he got until he was frozen in Carbonite.


Sana was also bisexual. How she regarded her lovers were fluid. Yet, she married Han as a mission.


Their crazy fit together and perhaps, the Carbonite freeze gave Han perspective. Then he told Leia he loved her on Endor. Finally the war with the Empire was “over” and settling debts throughout the years had to happen.

Sometime in 7 ABY, Han visited Sana and told her he was going to marry Leia. Sana cried and tried to change his mind. It was a one last time. But that one last time resulted in a child, a girl in our headcanon, that has her father’s eyes.

Within that same timeframe, he married Leia and they had a son, Ben.

Ben has a half-sister who is part Black. It may be some of the reason why Ben was angry with Han Solo. Enough to kill him? Unknown. But it seems that Kylo Ren (Ben) is very angry at Han because he kept bad company in his opinion. It is a judgement of Kylo Ren and he has no right, but children tend to hate their parents when the folly.

This girl is named “Fay Solo” and in an upcoming fan fiction, she interacts with Kylo Ren. Stay tuned.


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