10 Steps to Performing on Facebook Pages

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SWAG 77 Facebook pages follow these standards for performance:

1. You should have a reason for your page. It should be your reason and not be what is popular or what you think would be cool. The character you have may die. Since you are not the main content creator of the character, you can not amalgamate it and morph it into your own. It is really mimicry and not creative. Your character should “speak” to you and resonate with you. Not, “Today I want to be a badass and kick everyone’s ass to show how badass I can be in performing”. Those characters are never fun to play with.

2. Naming your character: The name of your character is a STAR WARS name. Not your personal name. Naming your character after your own name is LAME. Some people adopt a canon last name when one creates their own characters. But if you take on a canon character, then NO you cannot change the name or the story. Why? How are you honoring Lucas’ creation that is missing the canon? If you are not serious and don’t care about alternate universe stories, fine. But if you want to be taken seriously, do NOT change the name or the story but have a canon character’s name.

3. Your page should have a short description IC. If you don’t know what “IC” is, then you probably do not need to perform on social media. You will have problems.

4. You should have disclaimers about your character, especially if it is a canon character:

  • Lucasfilm’s Social Media Portal statement
  • Your non affiliation with Lucasfilm and disclaimer
  • Your approvals to use content – saying it is on Google is NOT SUFFICIENT!

If you lack those items, maybe nothing will happen, but there is a thing about “good faith effort” when you have shown you have tried. As a SWAG 77 member, you will get these items readily.

5. Your name again: Should not be long describing every incident in your character’s life, i.e. Former Mando/Sith/Jedi/etc. No! What it looks like is your story is weak and unstable. It looks like you HAVE NO STORY. It looks like you are living your life through your character, rather than telling a story to an audience. DO NOT DO THAT!

Tell a story and you will NEVER be bored in performance. EVER! If your story is stable and fun to present, then you will ALWAYS have something to perform. No matter what. If you have a canon character that dies, then you should have devoted yourself in understanding the canon of all there is in a character and perform it from the angle of memoirs, holocrons, anything that you can develop.

6. SWAG 77 pages are classified at “Fictional Character” accounts, especially canon characters. We want to show that our accounts are not “REAL PEOPLE” and that we are portraying and performing them on social media. We are not defrauding anyone in what we show on our page. We are attempting to tell a story on social media in front of an audience.

7. Affiliation: That is about who you perform with, or who you “role” with. Do you support Star Wars: The Clone Wars? Affiliate. Unless your scared. If you are scared, then that means you probably should not be performing that story.

8. Gender: Be clear and safe about the genders you wish to choose with yourself as a performer and your fellow RP partners. There are selections for what you want to choose. If you choose to do adult behavior, such as sexual real RP, that is not allowed on open public pages and the age setting should be set to adult. SWAG 77 only allows 18+ to perform with us because we have dealt with nasty teen behaviors and it hurts our brand. That is our reality.

9. Personal Information: Generally we put statements of belief in this section. Mantras, Codes, whatever we think our character would say.

10: Contact information: With SWAG 77 membership, you can request use of an email address for your character that you can use. If one chooses to contact you via email and you are comfortable with that, by all means, use it.

Lastly, a statement about images:

  • If you use a real-life image of a non-celebrity dressed in a costume, it is NEVER appropriate to use that image on your page
  • If the person is a celebrity dressed in costume, the least you can do is a request for use and add that image to use on your page. You also should give “tag credits” to the person that agreed for you to use their pictures.
  • If you use art  made of the character you want to be, GIVE credit to the artist if you did not commission the work. That is stealing.
  • It is about creative content, intellectual property and respect to the creators of content. ASK if you have questions. SWAG 77 has attempted to build relations with several Star Wars Celebrities and Artists so that we can use their images as fair-use.  So far, so good and we will not attempt to decimate that relationship. As a member, we have plenty of images for use, more for some character classes. It is something that we provide to tell our stories, efficiently.
  • But if the image is not yours and you did not create the costume and you did not draw the image, then it is probably best that you don’t take the image and actively use it with reckless abandon.

Page management is a different topic and will be another blog post.


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